Marketing Plan in a Day

Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day

‘We all know the sayings in life that ‘if you don’t know where you are going then you don’t know how to get there’, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail, or the one I personally like from Abraham Lincoln is ‘Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe’. Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day with Shelton Associates.

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In over 25yrs marketing consultancy working with small and medium-sized business, I find that less 10% of businesses I come across have a marketing plan.  In some cases I am told that they have a marketing plan but it is ‘in their head’-in that case they do not have a marketing plan-it needs to be a formal written document shared with other members of staff so that everyone knows where the business is going and how to get there. 

We set up Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day 10 years ago specifically to address this lack of marketing planning in small businesses and since then we have helped hundreds of companies to develop and implement their own professional marketing plan. 

With Marketing Plan in a Day we come to your business premises and work with you in an intensive session to:

  • Review your current marketing activity (identify what is and what  is not working)
  • Agree and set objectives to be achieved over the next three years
  • Identify where you need to target your marketing activity
  • Develop a marketing strategy to achieve the objectives set
  • Develop an action plan to ensure that the plan is implemented

We then take things away and write up a professional marketing plan for you to start implementing straight away.

Costs are based on £960 plus VAT or 12  monthly staged payments of £80 plus VAT.

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