How to see your connection requests on Linkedin

Linkedin is a very powerful Marketing tool for Business Owners/Managers like you.  When using Linkedin frequently you may occasionally forget who you have sent a connection request to.  You may not remember if they have already accepted your request or you may want to cancel a connection request. – This short blog will show you how to see[…]

Social Media In Company Workshops

Generate ongoing leads and enquiries for your business using Social Media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Landing Pages Are you new to social media completely, or have dabbled at it but not getting the results you need? If so, then our practical In company Lead Generation Workshops and follow on support are just what[…]

Why LinkedIn is such a Powerful Marketing Tool

None of us should be cold calling these days! LinkedIn takes all the hard work out of sales.  The professional social platform is now an extremely powerful tool for identifying prospects, establishing a relationship with them, and organising appointments. If you are in a business to business to industry then LinkedIn is a must.  You can avoid[…]