Alex Shelton delivers Amazon Training Programme to hundreds of aspiring Entrepreneurs across Europe and the USA

In November 2020 Alex Shelton delivered an exclusive Amazon Training Webinar in association with AMZ Scout, The Industry Leaders in Product Research Tools.


2020 was one heck of a year for Amazon Sellers. The COVID-19 Pandemic saw Online Sales jump through the roof, some of my clients were achieving over £350k a month in sales, yes, that’s right, over £350k a month! With everyone being stuck in doors and shopping online, more and more people were realising the huge potential behind selling on Amazon.


I was approached by AMZScout, the industry leaders in product research tools to host a Webinar for their users based on my experience of selling on Amazon and my experience as an Amazon Consultant. This is the first time we had ‘Teamed Up’ together with AMZScout, so attendees not only received the great training but also the benefit of having AMZScout with their World-Class Amazon Research tools.


I was delighted to run my training webinar and it was a really enjoyable event, with hundreds of people from all over the world attending and looking to grow their sales or start a new Business from scratch.  The Webinar covered my 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller which I cover in my Book ‘How To Really Sell on Amazon’. These are the same 7 Proven Steps that have resulted in $100k Sales in just a few short months! Now obviously these results aren’t typical, but I just wanted to show attendees what can be achieved following these 7 steps.


“The Amazon Seller platform was not as straight forward as you might think and I wanted to get things done properly right from the start, that’s why I got in touch with Alex. He helped me get set up on Amazon in the UK with his 1-2-1 training, which was really useful and then I asked him back for some further consultancy to launch sales of my products throughout Europe as well. So far I have generated over £100k of sales in just a few short months with lot’s more potential for further growth! Many thanks Alex…”
Mayur Patel


Now a lot of the attendees were looking to start a new Business from scratch and an Amazon Business is certainly very appealing! Using the FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) Business model you can be managing your entire Business from your laptop!


I had also been in the exact same position as the Webinar attendees a number of years ago, looking for a new opportunity. I’d been through the Education System in England, was working as a Digital Marketing Consultant but I knew something was missing. I was enjoying what I was doing but I knew that I had more to offer! Then, 7 or 8 years ago a client came to me who wanted help with their marketing to launch a new product, a brilliant product as well, really niche. After a few meetings with the client we decided that I would sell the product in my own right and so my exciting Amazon adventure began. So, I started looking into selling on Amazon a bit more and what did I find? People saying different things, people claiming to be the best at this and the best at that, my goodness it just went on and on and on! There’s even more out there now!


Anyway, I was patient, some videos were useful and a lot of ‘experts’ were not, to put it bluntly, that expert. I basically learnt the hard way. I learned by doing it all myself, making plenty of mistakes along the way because the platform for a beginner, in my opinion, is not as intuitive as you might think.


So, after learning ‘the hard way’, after a couple of years, I was able to bring Amazon Training into my Marketing Consultancy Business which is what I really love to do. Yes, these skills allowed me to buy my first house when I was just 21 years old, but I’ll be honest, I love standing up, presenting and showing people what I’ve learnt, why? Because when you see the results for someone else there is nothing quite like it for me.

I’ve mentioned the 7 Steps I followed when creating my own Amazon Business, let me show you my Proven 7 Steps to help you become a successful Amazon Seller…

Step 1) Finding Your Products & Private Labelling (very interesting
section even if you already have products to sell!)
Step 2) Setting up as an Amazon Seller
Step 3) Learning the Amazon Seller Platform
Step 4) Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)-Making your Products ‘Prime’
Step 5) Advertising & Branding
Step 6) Social Media Advertising
Step 7) Expanding Internationally


Interested in Starting your own Amazon Business?

At the end of the Webinar I offered all attendees the chance to join my AMZ BUSINESS ACADEMY which is an academy exclusively for Business Owners and Aspiring Entrepreneurs to learn how to create their very own Amazon Business. The Programme includes 1-2-1 Training with me, 24/7 ‘On Demand’ Online Training, useful Downloads/Templates and Email Support to help you along the way.

If you’re interested in joining the AMZ Business Academy and starting your very own Amazon Business, then you can Apply Now by clicking on to the link below or book a call with me.

Apply To Join The AMZ Business Academy

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