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Need Help With Management of Your Amazon Advertising Campaigns? We can Set-up and Manage your Amazon Sponsored Ads and Brand Ads.

We can help increase Sales on Your Amazon Products through Paid Advertising (PPC)

We are sure you will have seen those 'Sponsored' Ads before at the top of an Amazon Search, they are 'paid' adverts and the seller is charged every time someone clicks on the Ad!  They can, however, be a very powerful, cost effective way of increasing sales.

There is a lot to the Amazon Advertising Platform and it can be a little overwhelming to not only set-up the campaigns but to monitor them and make sure you are getting a good Return on Investment! This is where Shelton Associates come in, we can do the work for you, from set up to monthly management, we even contact you if we think you need to be increasing your stock levels!  We work with 'keyword' advertising campaigns, 'product targeting' advertising campaigns and 'Brand Ads' for Sellers with a registered Brand on Amazon.

The First Stage is to have an initial chat about your products & review your progress to date...

It may seem fairly obvious but we need to have a chat and understand more about your products, it's also good for us to know your break even point on your products and possible advertising budgets.  We will also review any of your past paid advertising campaigns.

We then Set-Up The Campaigns...

After agreeing the products to promote, we set-up 'pilot' campaigns and monitor the performance of these usually over a 2 week period to make sure they are performing well, increasing sales and achieving a good ROI (return on Investment).

Finally we Monitor the Campaigns on a Monthly Basis

We also offer the option to monitor these on an on-going basis for you and provide you with monthly reports to show you the success of the campaigns.  We monitor Advertising Campaigns on Amazon Marketplaces all over the world including the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Japan!

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A Message from Alex...

"We know how frustrating it can be if your products are not generating you the sales levels you think they should be.  The important thing is we do things right here, we start with small budgets to begin with on 'pilot' campaigns and then increase budgets on campaigns that are working well.  Book a Free Call with me to get started." 

Alexander Shelton, UK Amazon Consultant & Partner at Shelton Associates 

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