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    We realise that Selling on Amazon can be a little Overwhelming at times!  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone to talk to about Selling on Amazon...

    Hello, my name is Alex Shelton and I am an Amazon Consultant and Partner at Shelton Associates.  Sounds great, but what do I actually do?  Basically, I help companies to set up and sell their products on Amazon and help companies that are already selling on Amazon to increase their sales.  In a lot of cases, those sales can be very significant on Amazon, ranging from a few thousand pounds a month to £300K a month and more.  Without sounding too much like Liam Neeson though, I have built a particular set of skills when it comes to Amazon Selling which I use to help companies and individuals who are new to Amazon Selling to create their very own Amazon Business! .. Have a read here about My Journey into Digital Marketing & Amazon Selling

    We recognise that many SMEs and Private Sellers cannot afford to have access to full-time Amazon Account Managers, but still need help like anyone else-That’s what prompted us to develop our Amazon Advice Centre.

    We also help Private Sellers who don't have products at the moment but want to set up their very own Amazon FBA Business.

    The Amazon Advice Centre enables you to have proactive support from a professional Amazon consultant with a wide range of experience in the sort of issues you are having on Amazon.


    Join our Amazon Advice Centre and Receive professional Amazon Selling Advice - When you need it for only £350 plus VAT per month (no on-going contract)


    Who is the Amazon Advice Centre for?

    Business Owners/Managers & Global Brands who need ongoing professional, practical Amazon advice to improve the their Amazon Sales.

    Amazon Seller Central Users

    Amazon Vendor Central Users

    Complete Beginners Looking to start their Own Amazon FBA Business

    What do you receive?

    Personal, individual Amazon advice from Amazon Professionals who understand the Amazon issues you are facing.

    You get to deal directly with experienced Amazon Sellers & Amazon Consultants by email to answer your specific enquiries.

    What is included?

    Contact the Amazon Experts at the Amazon Advice Centre directly with your specific queries and you will receive personal advice on how to Sell Effectively on the following Amazon platforms:

    Amazon Seller Central

    Amazon Vendor Central

    We don’t just sit around waiting for you to email us…  You will have your own account manager who will also proactively email you to monitor/challenge you/review your Amazon Sales and Set Actions!


    How it works:

    Once signed up to the Amazon Advice Centre you will be contacted by your Account Manager to organise an initial Amazon Consultation about your business

    You will have immediate access to use the Amazon Advice Centre. 

    You will be able to contact our team via email Monday to Friday (9am - 5pm) excluding bank holidays.

    Please note that whilst we are here to help as much as possible by offering professional, practical Amazon Advice-this is not a support service and we can’t do the work for you…. We are here to help you as best as we can but ultimately the products that you source and the decisions that you make will be down to you.

    Signing up to the Amazon Advice Centre is like having a Professional Amazon Consultant or Amazon Advisor on hand to ask for specific advice or for a bit of re-assurance that you are heading in the right direction or to help solve that crucial Amazon issue.

    We help people with very specific Amazon questions on a day to day basis, however, some typical enquiries to the Amazon Advice Centre include:

    How do I 'source' products from China?

    What type of products should I sell on Amazon?

    How do I upload my products into Amazon?

    How do I undertake Keyword Research for Amazon SEO?

    How do I set up FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)?

    Can you help with packaging and barcoding my product?

    How do I work out my Amazon Fees?

    How do I create an Amazon Storefront?

    How do I Create A+ Content?

    How do I set up Sponsored Ads Advertising Campaigns?

    How do I improve the performance of my Amazon Ads?

    What other Marketing Methods can I use to increase my Sales?

    How do I increase my sales overseas?

    Here is what people are saying about the Amazon Advice Centre:

    "I had already been selling successfully on eBay and wanted to do the same on Amazon. The Amazon Seller platform was not as straight forward as you might think though and I wanted to get things done properly right from the start, that’s why I got in touch with Alex. So far I have generated over £100k of sales in just a few short months with lot’s more potential for further growth! Many thanks Alex…” Mayur Patel, NM Favours.

    "Alexander understands our particular needs and provided training and ongoing management services that ensure we are aware of all opportunities that are open to us and any changes in site system management that inevitably occur. He is easy to work with and is very much part of our team." Richard Abdy, Wentworth Pewter.

    "Alex's depth of knowledge of the Amazon platform & what it takes to successfully sell on Amazon is exceptional. I have done the usual searches on YouTube etc like everyone else but you will never find out all what you need to know from them or the people making ridiculous claims of earnings, he fully explains in great detail all the requirements from Amazon & for a great product listing and more importantly how to structure that listing & all relevant marketing you will need." Darrell Price, Private Amazon Seller.

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    Once signed up you will receive an email within 24 hours from your Amazon Advice Centre Account Manager. You will then have Amazon Advice on hand from an Amazon Professional as and when you need it. This includes help with finding products, sourcing products and Maximising Sales on the Amazon Seller Platform.  The cost of the Amazon advice centre is just £247 ex vat per month, please also read our terms and conditions. We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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