Amazon are temporarily prioritising medical and essential supplies

Due to COVID-19 most Organisations have had to make significant changes to how their Business operates and Amazon is no exception.

You may be aware that Amazon will no longer be stocking all non-medical and non-essential supplies from its UK, US and EU Warehouses until April 5th 2020.


They are temporarily prioritising medical supplies and other high-demand products arriving at Amazon’s Fulfilment Centres so that these products can be stocked and shipped out to customers as soon as possible.


Importantly though, this does not stop you from Selling on Amazon!

Although this change may affect how some sellers on Amazon operate over the next few weeks and months, it will not stop you from selling on Amazon and you can still sell your non-essential products through the Amazon Seller Platform. You will, however, be in control of shipping the items out to customers over the next few weeks.


Amend your Shipping Template if you need to

If you think that your orders may take longer to process make sure to amend your shipping template in your settings section.  If you are using the Seller Fulfilled Prime Service you must continue to ship on time and meet Amazon’s targets.  You can disable this service if required.


What if I have already sent a shipment to Amazon?

Amazon has stated that shipments created before March 17, 2020, will be received.


What Product categories can I Currently ship to Amazon’s Fulfillment Centres?

• Baby Products
• Health & Household
• Beauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances)
• Grocery
• Industrial & Scientific
• Pet Supplies


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In these uncertain times people are turning to online shopping and Amazon is certainly one of the first points of call for any Online Shopper.

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