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Are you looking to Start a Business on Amazon?  We can help you find your products and launch your own Business through Amazon FBA Training.


You will probably have heard about the huge potential of becoming an Amazon Seller and according to Oberlo Amazon has more than 2.5 million sellers currently actively selling on the marketplace.  They also estimate that there are 25,000 sellers on Amazon with more than a million in sales.


What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is where Amazon store and distribute your products for you from their Warehouses and they can do this not just in the UK but across the world.  Finding and Manufacturing the right product is a vital part of this process and we can help you do this thorough Private Labeling.


What is Private Labeling on Amazon?

Private label products are manufactured by one company but are then re-branded with the sellers brand and logo.  As the brand owner, you specify how the product is packaged and what the label looks like. You also have to pay to have the product produced and delivered.  Shelton Associates can help you through this process through our Amazon FBA Training course.


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How Alexander Shelton got into Amazon Selling?

"7 years ago a Manufacturing client came to Shelton Associates and wanted a little help with their marketing to launch a new product, a brilliant product as well, a really niche product. After a few meetings it was decided that I would sell the product as a distributor, set up a separate business and run it as a little joint-venture.

After learning ‘the hard way’ after a couple of years I was then able to bring Amazon Training into our Marketing Consultancy Business which is what I really love to do. Yes, these skills allowed me to buy my first house when I was just 21 years old but I’ll be honest, I love standing up, presenting and showing people what I’ve learnt, why? Because when you see the results for someone else there is nothing quite like it for me. When you take Businesses (who have great products but perhaps are not achieving the sales levels they should be) from a standing start to £100k a month in sales, let me tell you it is very rewarding!  Over the last few years I have worked with Businesses across the UK and Europe as well as some Private Sellers looking to create a new Online Business.  I love to help clients Businesses thrive and as Marketing Consultants that’s what we want to do… we want to help your new Amazon Business thrive and prosper." ~ Alex Shelton, Amazon Selling Consultant.


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Here are some recent reviews from some of our clients:

"I recently attended one of Alex's Amazon FBA Training days and i cannot recommend it highly enough, Alex's depth of knowledge of the Amazon platform & what it takes to successfully sell on Amazon is exceptional. I have done the usual searches on YouTube etc like everyone else but you will never find out all what you need to know from them or the people making ridiculous claims of earnings, but you will with Alex's training, he fully explains in great detail all the requirements from Amazon & for a great product listing and more importantly how to structure that listing & all relevant marketing you will need. Another great thing Alex does is he shows you the phenomenal opportunity that Amazon is, what software to use for product / keyword & competitor research. Best thing of all for me is that Alex is actually doing what he teaches, selling on Amazon. I highly recommend this course, you will not be disappointed." ~ Darrel Price.


"Alex is very professional and patient at teaching. Always ready to answer every question asked. He is also willing to help grow ones business." ~ Bukola Ogunbiyi.


This Training Course is now available remotely via Skype/Zoom

Face to Face FBA Training

This is a one day course tailored around you and your goals.  Starting a new Amazon Business can be very exciting times and we are sure that you will really enjoy this training programme.  The way we tend to work is by coming to you and taking you through the entire process - finding and sourcing your products is very important, however, we show you how to create a new Brand using the Amazon Seller platform to become an effective Amazon Seller.

We have trained private sellers across the UK including Leeds, London, Manchester, Hull, Bristol, Birmingham, Leeds, Bradford, Leicester, Loughborough, Liverpool, Newcastle and Nottingham.

If you would prefer we also run Remote Amazon Training Courses online.

This is a intensive training course designed to show you how to sell on Amazon using FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon), these are the areas we cover on the day:

  • Private Label, Retail Arbitrage and Drop Shipping - What are the differences?
  • Examples of Private Labeling
  • Sales Tools to find top selling products
  • Contacting Manufacturers in the UK and Overseas
  • Calculating your profit margins
  • Contacting Graphic Designers to help build a logo & brand
  • Setting up an Amazon Seller Account
  • Amazon Fees & Payments
  • Account Settings
  • Listing New Products and Existing Products
  • Product Variants and images
  • Creating content for each product
  • Maximising the use of Amazon keywords (Amazon SEO)
  • Pricing
  • Analysing your Amazon Competitors
  • Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
  • FBA - Fulfillment by Amazon
  • Dos and Don'ts based on our experience with clients
  • How to expand into other Amazon Marketplaces
  • Amazon Brand Registry
  • Amazon Store
  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads and Amazon Brand Ads
  • Setting up Advertising Campaigns
  • Monitoring your Advertising Campaigns
  • Multi-Channel Fulfilment
  • Other Online Marketing methods to strengthen your brand
  • Create an Amazon Plan (Amazon Growth Plan to Launch & Grow your FBA Business)

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