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What is included in an Amazon Growth Plan?

Your Amazon Plan needs to set out what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there.  It will also include an ‘Action Plan’ so you know exactly what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it to achieve your goals. This part of the process is crucial and I believe it has always been the key to differentiating Shelton’ Associates as a Marketing Consultancy as people often overlook the importance of a Plan.

If you have your products ready to sell, then in a lot of cases you can start listing your products on Amazon pretty quickly, but my advice would be to not rush into it. It’s very easy on Amazon to list products without doing your research beforehand and then getting extremely fed up when no or very few sales are coming in.  I get that quite a bit when I am asked to work with new clients or running Public Seminars “well, I listed my products on Amazon but it didn’t work for me!!.”  The next stage would be for me to “jump in” and have a look at how they have listed the product and let me tell you 9 times out of 10 it is because they didn’t do their research beforehand in their Amazon launch plan!

Looking to grow your Business using Amazon?  In our experience you need a clear 'Amazon Plan' to achieve more sales on Amazon.

Our definitive programme 'Develop a Amazon Plan in a Day' is an intensive One Day ’In Company’ Workshop, whereby Shelton Associates undertakes a high-level strategic Amazon Intervention at your business premises with Senior management to Develop a professional Amazon Plan for your business.

With this intensive programme we come to your premises, undertake a stimulating ‘ideas-generation’ process led by Shelton Associates and then we write up the Amazon Plan ready for implementation by your Team.

Crucially, by the end of this unique programme, you will have in place a professional Amazon Plan in to start increasing your sales and driving your business forward!

This service is now available 'Remotely' via 'Zoom'.

The process is as follows:

Stage 1 ‘Ideas-Generation’ Workshop
Shelton Associates will run a practical session at your premises to review the Amazon potential of your business and to generate the ideas for your Amazon Plan itself (Up to 5 people attending).

Stage 2 The Amazon Plan
Shelton Associates will then build on this session and develop the results into a formal written Amazon Plan for your organisation.  The Plan will also include an Action Plan outlining Objectives to be achieved, Responsibilities, Timescales and Costs.

Our Programme Commitment to You...

As a result of undertaking the Amazon Plan in a Day programme, you will establish a clear direction for your company, set firm, quantifiable objectives for the next 3 years on Amazon, and crucially develop a practical Amazon strategy to achieve these objectives. We then write up the Amazon Plan complete with an Action Plan so that you can start developing your new sales straight away'

Alexander Shelton, Programme Director, Develop an Amazon Growth Plan

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