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Are you looking to sell your Products Overseas on Amazon? Your Products need to be Professionally Translated and we can help!


Amazon is great for Exporting your Products Globally, however, your listings needs to make sense!

More and more Businesses are realising the huge potential of selling on Amazon.  Amazon is a powerful platform with access to millions of customers across Europe and even further afield. With services such as FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) you don't have to worry about shipping out your orders because Amazon handle this side for you!

If you are planning on selling your products in other countries, your listings needs to be professionally translated and they need to be optimised for the right keywords!  Our Professional Language Translators can translate your listings into the appropriate language and translate your keywords for you as well.

We currently offer Translations in the following Amazon Marketplaces:


How Does The Amazon Translation Service Work?

Stage 1 You Send us Your Product Listings
If your products are already listed on then just send us the links to the products you want translated and the languages you want them translated into (e.g. French, German, Italian, Spanish).  If your products are not already on Amazon then we will need to work with you to agree the content and keywords you want the product to be found for.

Stage 2 We Professionally Translate The Listings and Upload to the Appropriate Marketplace
Shelton Associates will then professionally translate the product listings and upload to the appropriate Amazon Marketplace for you if required.

"Amazon is a direct and trusted route to market.  We have helped Businesses export all across the world including Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Japan.  If you are thinking of doing the same then your listings need to be professionally translated and optimised to achieve sales." 

Alexander Shelton, Amazon Consultant & Partner at Shelton Associates 

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