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Has your Amazon Seller Account been Suspended? We can work with you to help appeal the suspension and liaise with Amazon.

The First Stage is for us to figure out why your Seller Account has been suspended...

It may seem fairly obvious but to enable us to best help you we will need to figure out why your Amazon Seller Central account has been suspended.  In most cases this will be for one of two reasons, either you failed to follow the Amazon Seller Policies or your 'Seller Performance' has fallen below the acceptable threshold.

The way that your 'Seller Performance' works is by Amazon tracking your performance metrics and it wants to see that you meet the performance standards, which include:

Order defect rate: <1%
Pre-fulfillment cancel rate: <2.5%
Late shipment rate: <4%

So, if you don't know why your account has been suspended then our first stage is to 'dig a little deeper' and find out why!

We then work with you to put together an 'Amazon Seller Suspension Plan'...

The Plan will include evidence that you recognise what you did wrong and you are taking the necessary steps to make sure that this doesn't happen in the future!

Finally we help you send your Appeal to Amazon...

Once you have written your plan we can then work with you to send your appeal to Amazon directly.

How To Appeal an Amazon Seller Suspension

A Message from Alex...

"Amazon is a hugely powerful online selling platform and we understand how frustrating it can be if your Seller Account has been suspended.  The important thing is we do things right here, we need to first of all identify the issue that caused the suspension and what actions you are taking to make sure this doesn't happen again.  Amazon will ultimately be the one who decided whether or not to lift the suspension but we can help you along the way.  Book a Free Call with me to get started." 

Alexander Shelton, UK Amazon Consultant & Partner at Shelton Associates 

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