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Amazon is a Powerful System to Generate More Sales for your Business!

If you are a Manufacturer, Distributor or Retailer and not using Amazon or not using it effectively then you are missing out on a significant potential opportunity to grow your business using this powerful tool-not just in the UK, but in Europe, North America, India, Japan etc.

Amazon sales levels of £20k/month or more in just a few short months is more than achievable.

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You will have heard about the huge potential of Amazon Selling-let us help you make this a reality for you with our ‘One to One Intensive Amazon Selling Workshop.

You will learn how to generate new sales using Amazon at your own premises in Just One Day!

This is all about you and your products-we come to you and tailor the Workshop around you and your products!

The course is suitable for beginners upwards wanting to generate greater results from Amazon and includes advanced FBA Training.

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Learn How To Generate New Sales using Amazon at your own premises in Just One Day!

This is what some of our clients had to say...

"As a leading manufacturer of Pewter gifts, we recognised that Amazon was potentially an important route to market for us, but hadn’t managed to make significant inroads until we commissioned Shelton Associates to help us through their Amazon Workshop and ongoing support. Over the past 12 months our Amazon sales have increased significantly and are now expanding our Amazon sales not just in the UK, but also in Europe and the USA. We are very impressed with the progress to date and look forward to further significant growth this year with assistance from Shelton Associates."

Richard Abdy, Managing Director, A.R.Wentworth (Sheffield) Ltd

“The Amazon and eBay Workshops were great! eBay sales increased 161% in just 3 Days since the Workshop. Many thanks for ‘turning the lights on’ about these valuable sales platforms. Orders with Amazon are already double last month.”
C Knowles, WWM

Amazon Selling One to One Workshop

Let us show you how to generate Sales for your business using Amazon

Our 'one to one’ workshop takes place at your own premises, we visit you, so you learn all of this vital information in the comfort of your own office with up to 5 people attending from your own business.

The training will cover the following:

– What is Amazon?
– What is it used for?
– How could it benefit the business?
– Setting up an Amazon Seller Store
– Listing New Products and Existing Products
– Category approval
– Product Variants and images
– Creating content for each product
– Maximising the use of Amazon keywords
– Pricing
– Analysing your Competitors

– Dispatching your products
– Amazon Reviews
– Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
– Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Seller Report for strategic decision making
– How Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) could benefit your Business
– How to expand into the European market
– What is Amazon advertising and how does it work?
– Create your first advertising campaign
– Monitoring your performance on Amazon
– Other Online Marketing methods to drive traffic to your Amazon store

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