Amazon Sweden is Here!

Amazon has opened its doors to Sweden after many years of speculation!

For many years online shoppers in Sweden looking to shop on Amazon have had to use platforms such as or in Germany to make purchases, however, that has all changed with the launch of


Sweden has a population of around 10 million, so compared to the UK population of around 66 million and the USA with over 300 million it’s certainly not the biggest but like all Amazon Marketplaces it’s convenient and a very intuitive platform for buyers. .Online shoppers in Sweden already have more than 150 million products across a wide range of categories to choose from on Amazon and ‘prime’ members will be eligible for fast and free shipping.


Amazon.SE brings with it a number of Opportunities to Businesses and Online Sellers

Amazon is a direct and trusted route to market for Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers.  Swedish Businesses can now make the most of this opportunity. The new Amazon Marketplace is also a fantastic opportunity for existing Amazon Sellers across the globe to sell their products on on and maximise their sales.


If you are thinking about selling your products online or thinking about creating your very own online selling Business, then Amazon is great a starting point. With FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) Amazon can be distrusting your products for you and taking care of the customer service. All you really need is a laptop and a good internet connection to get started! With the launch of a brand new Amazon Marketplace, Sweden might be a great place to launch your new product wherever in the world your based.


On my Amazon Training programmes, I help Entrepreneurs and Start-ups find products to sell online and give them skills to market those products successfully. Are you thinking about making extra income selling online?  Just get in touch.

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