How to Post Jobs on LinkedIn?

This blog post explains the technical steps involved in posting a job on LinkedIn. Recruitment can be an expensive and time consuming task. More and more people are turning to LinkedIn to find jobs and more and more businesses are turning to LinkedIn to recruit candidates. If you do things right LinkedIn could save you[…]


Tips for Writing Blog Posts

If you are thinking seriously about blogging for business then here are some useful tips for writing blog posts. Research and Plan Your Blog Post OK, this is probably the hardest bit. When going in to see clients to talk about content marketing, blog posts quite often seem to be something people are a little[…]


How to use Tracking Links to Measure your Marketing

Tracking links are very useful for small businesses   What are tracking links? Tracking links are a great way of checking that your marketing and social media activity is working. For example, are people clicking through to your website? Are they interested in the content that you’re posting? Well, tracking links are a way of[…]


Top 5 Tips for Creating Marketing Videos

Video Marketing is massive and if you’re not using video to promote your business you should be.   This blog will give you a few tips on how you can create Marketing Video content for your business. I’m not talking about super stylish, slick website videos… I’m talking about useful information you would like to[…]


How to Find Trending Topics on Social Media

Checking what’s trending on Social Media can give you a better understanding of your audience What does Trending mean on Social Media? Trending topics are a big part of social media.  These are the topics and hashtags that people are currently talking about.  Checking what’s trending can give you a better understanding of your audience,[…]


“Alexa: Please Tell Me How Do I Sell My Products On Amazon?”

If you are a manufacturer looking for a direct, trusted route to market all year round, or a retailer struggling with online sales, then Amazon is the place to be.   ‘Alexa: Please Tell Me How Do I Sell My Products On Amazon?’ Alexa can turn down your TV, turn up your lights and even[…]