Shelton Associates presents...

ChatGPT and The AI Revolution

'LIVE' Online Training Event for UK Businesses - September 6th

What UK Business Owners & Marketing Specialists need to know NOW to stay ahead...

...For just £97+VAT


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Wednesday 6th September

10:00 AM - 13:00 PM

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Only 250 Spaces Available
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Learn all about ChatGPT & The AI Revolution from the comfort of your own home or office...

The AI Revolution isn't Coming-it's here already!

....and it's bringing significant changes and opportunities in it's wake...

I'm sure you've heard of ChatGPT by now-maybe even had a little play..

Well, there is no doubt that it's an absolute Gamechanger and it will transform businesses that 'Get in Early' and leave behind those that don't!

Join this inspiring and important programme to discover what you need to know NOW about Artificial Intelligence and particularly ChatGPT which in just a few months has become a worldwide phenomenon with over 100m users!

At 'ChatGPT and the AI Revolution' we will:

✔️Introduce you to ChatGPT

✔️Show you what it can do for your Business!

✔️Introduce you to a range of Practical Tools which use ChatGPT or other AI that you can use today!

✔️Help you develop your ChatGPT/AI Growth Plan

...For Just £97 + VAT


Take a look at what you will learn in this Definitive 3hr 'Online' Event...

We are going to share with you in the Event.....

✔️How ChatGPT/AI will transform the marketing of your business

✔️How it will impact other vital areas of running your business

✔️Together with showing you how to develop your very own

ChatGPT/AI Growth Plan to make sure you fully embed these huge opportunities within your business

Crucially we will be also be responding to your ChatGPT/AI Questions!

We are sure you will be bursting with questions arising from this information, so we will be responding to your ChatGPT and AI Questions during the session itself so that you are ready to use ChatGPT effectively straightaway...


How ChatGPT/AI will impact Marketing your Business

See Topic List

How ChatGPT/AI will impact Other Areas of your Business

How to Develop Your own ChatGPT Growth Plan

This is an Online Training Event on Sept 6th (10am-1pm), click on the link above to secure your place & receive joining instructions!

ChatGPT and The AI Revolution Programme starts in... (a recording will also be provided after the event!)


The Course will be Designed & Presented by Leading UK Marketing Consultants-Shelton Associates together with our EU ChatGPT & Data Scientist!

Meet the team...

Andrew Shelton - Leading UK Expert in How To Develop a Marketing Plan

Andrew Shelton

Marketing Consultant, UK

ChatGPT Trainer

Experienced UK Marketing Consultant, helping SMEs grow through effective marketing for the past 25 Yrs

Alex Shelton - Leading UK Digital Marketing & Amazon Consultant

Alex Shelton

Digital Marketing Consultant, UK

ChatGPT Trainer

Leading UK eCommerce and Amazon Consultant working with individuals, SMEs and Global Brands

Tiegan Walker - Marketing Executive

Tiegan Walker

Marketing Executive, Shelton Associates

Social Media and Live Chat Specialist.


...and Thomas our EU-Based AI & ChatGPT Consultant will also be joining us to look at the technical side of integrating ChatGPT with other widely-used products to increase efficiencies and even create your own new products!

Wednesday 6th September 2023 @ 10am - 1pm

This is an Online Training Event, click on the link above to secure your place & receive joining instructions!


Why is this Event so important?

What is ChatGPT?

One of the big things that computers have found it very difficult to do is to talk and communicate naturally with people…until now that is with ChatGPT…This is a huge development of course, both for ourselves generally and our businesses

ChatGPT Stands for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer and basically it’s something called  ‘Generative AI’ which is a type of artificial intelligence that can EASILY create new and original content such as images, music, text and much more...

By attending this unique and practical training, you will have the opportunity to gain an insight as to how ChatGPT/AI can transform your business almost overnight and be introduced to a range of essential AI tools which are available NOW to initially experiment with, but then rapidly build into the core of your business.

Businesses which adopt this technology first of all (and use it effectively) will clearly have significant advantages over those that hold back, or don’t embrace ChatGPT and the other tools that are coming available everyday!

Who are Shelton Associates?

Shelton Associates is a Strategic Marketing & Digital Marketing Consultancy in Sheffield, UK providing essential marketing advice & digital marketing training for SMEs & Global Brands.

This is an Online Training Event on September 6th, click on the link above to secure your place & receive joining instructions!