ChatGPT and the AI Revolution: Exclusive Training Event 24th May!

ChatGPT and the AI Revolution: Exclusive Training Event! What UK Business Owners need to know NOW to stay ahead…

I don’t use terms like ‘Gamechanger’ or ‘Paradigm Shift’ lightly, but that’s exactly what is happening now with the arrival of ChatGPT and the AI Revolution which in only a few months ago has burst onto the scene and is creating huge opportunities for all of us.… There’s an argument to say that this is potentially the biggest thing since the Industrial Revolution which changed the face of Britain forever and provided the basis for 200 years of growth and prosperity!

This AI Revolution could potentially have the same impact in 2023 and beyond! ChatGPT may even be seen as the new ‘Spinning Jenny’ or ‘Spinning Mule’!

I’ve been supporting UK firms with their Marketing for over 25 years and I’ve seen the rise of the internet and social media but this AI Revolution is probably the most exciting time to be in Business that I can remember and I am convinced that it will transform businesses that get in early….

We want to make sure that yours is one of them, so that’s why Shelton Associates is hosting a LIVE online training event on May 24th called ‘ChatGPT and the AI Revolution’ What UK Business Owners Need to Know NOW to stay ahead’ where we’ll …..
✔️Introduce you to ChatGPT
✔️Show you what it can do for your Business!
✔️Introduce you to a range of Practical Tools which use ChatGPT or other AI that you can use today!
✔️Help you develop your own ChatGPT/AI Growth Plan

Just click the link below to find out more and book your place:

Chat GPT & The AI Revolution – Book Your Place

I’m really excited to show you how this current AI Revolution can transform your Marketing and your business and look forward to seeing you there ..

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