eBay Selling One to One Workshop

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eBay is a Powerful System to Generate More Sales!

This is a practical one to one training workshop tailored to your business and aimed at helping attendees to exploit the significant potential of Selling on eBay . The programme is suitable for beginners upwards wanting to generate greater results from eBay.


eBay Selling in a Day – 

– What is eBay?
– What you should know about eBay
– eBay Essentials
– Registering as a personal or business seller
– Branding your account
– Searching within eBay
– eBay Categories
– eBay Fees
– Listing your products effectively
– Pricing
– Revising and Ending Listings
– Listing using the eBay mobile app

– Developing your online store
– Analysing your Competitors
– Despatching your products
– eBay Reviews
– Customer Satisfaction and Feedback
– Analyse sales, traffic, listings & Seller Report for strategic decision making
– How to expand into the European market
– What is eBay advertising and how does it work?
– Create your first advertising campaign
– Monitoring your performance on eBay
– Other Online Marketing methods to drive traffic to your eBay store

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