England 2018-A good lesson in how to rescue a damaged ‘brand’

Let’s face it, the World Cup has been great! How could we not enjoy it?



Repairing a damaged brand can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task.


England have been winning, the sun has been shining, we like the England players again and there is a definite ‘feel good’ factor throughout the country.


It’s almost hard to believe, but do you remember not so long ago against Iceland in Euro 2016, when that humiliating defeat became the final straw for many people and an almost unbreakable trust between the England Supporters and the England team seemed to have been broken-it almost felt like a personal betrayal to many. England was a damaged ‘brand’-nobody wanted to be associated with it-particularly its disappointed, disillusioned and long-suffering customers.


So what has happened to turn things around…..


Well winning a few games has certainly helped and winning in the right way as well! In Marketing terms, the Product (one of the key elements of the Marketing Mix) has been improved, relaunched, is back on the shelves and is selling well).


But there is more to this dramatic turnaround than just the results. Gareth Southgate through effective communication with his players, the media and particularly the public has re-ignited a feeling of excitement and engagement with Brand England.


Repairing a damaged brand can be a difficult and sometimes impossible task (think of Ratners Jewellers) so it’s nice to see a success story. Congratulations to Gareth Southgate and the England team for their achievements to date and Shelton Associates would like to wish them all well for the rest of the tournament. It’s coming home…

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