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Facebook is a hugely powerful means of generating leads and enquiries for your business. It works for both B2B as well as B2C.

Facebook Training Workshop from Shelton Associates

Why use Facebook for Business?

There are some good solid reasons why you should be using Facebook for your business, regardless of who your customers are.  These can include:

– Brand awareness
– Customer relations
– Traffic
– Market Research

If you are going to invest time and money on Facebook though, it needs to generate you Leads, Enquiries and Sales. This is why we use Facebook and why many of our clients do as well.

"Northern Arbs took part in Shelton Associates’ excellent Facebook Lead Generation ‘In Company’ Workshop. We already had some experience in Facebook, but this personalised one to one session really helped us focus our efforts on the areas which would generate Leads and Enquiries for the business-particularly Facebook Targetted Ads which have been extremely effective for us. I would definitely recommend this Workshop."

Richard Cuckson
Northern Arb Supplies

1-2-1 Facebook Training Training

Let us show you how to generate Leads and Enquiries for your own business
Get a Regular Supply of Ongoing Leads and Enquiries….
Learn How To Generate New Leads, Enquiries and Sales using Facebook in Just One Day!

Our Facebook Training Course takes place at your own premises, we visit you, so you learn all of this vital information in the comfort of your own office with up to 5 people attending from your own business.

The training is tailored around your Business but will typically cover the following:

Introduction to Facebook

– How will Facebook help my Business?
– The aims of a Facebook Business page
– Create your Business page
– Look at how to monitor your page
– Adding and sharing content
– Scheduling content to save time
– Adding a History of your Business to your Business page
– Tracking links 
– Creating Facebook Apps
– Facebook Like Competitions
– Create a group for your Business
– Events
– Recommendations
– Photoshop and Facebook  

Generating Leads and Enquiries from Facebook Ads Campaigns

– What are Facebook Ads and how do they work?
– The different advertising options Facebook offers 
– Create your First 4 Adverts
– Choosing your audience
– Audiences Insights
– Look at how to monitor your Ads
– Multiple Image Ads
– Slideshow Ads
– Videos Ads
– Lead Ads
– Optimising Ads for Conversions
– Tracking Pixels
– Custom Audiences
– Lookalike Audiences
– Facebook Retargeting

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