How To Get My Facebook Page Verified

When a Facebook Business page is verified by Facebook it lets people know that your Business is a real organisation and it helps your page to rank higher in search results.


First of all there are two types of verification badges. A grey badge and a blue badge. A grey badge lets people know you are a real Business. A blue badge is for select people, sports, media, entertainment and government pages.


How do I get a grey verification badge?

Your page must be published, have a profile photo, have a cover photo or video and have some content on it.


Head to your Business page and go to Settings, under the general tab click on ‘Page Verification’ click on ‘verify this page’ and enter the phone number for the business. Facebook will then call you with a four digit code.You can also verify your Facebook page with Business documents if you prefer. After Facebook reviews the information you will see a grey tick next to your Business name!


How do I get a blue verification badge?

You may want a blue verification badge, well, Facebook state the following- Select people, sports, media, entertainment and government Pages may be eligible for verification. We don’t support verification requests for user profiles and Pages that represent businesses/brands. If you think you might be eligible for a blue verification badge head to the link below and complete the form:



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