What gets Measured Gets Better

If you don’t currently have monthly management meetings with your senior management team then you should start these right away.

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Monthly management meetings are extremely important.

Based on the principal that what gets measured gets better, if you review progress against objectives at least every month then you have a much better chance of achieving the final objectives and taking corrective action if necessary rather than just ‘drifting through the year’ hoping that everything will work out in the end.


At these monthly management meetings you should also be reviewing your marketing progress against objectives so they will essentially become your monthly marketing meetings as well.


Don’t underestimate the importance of these progress meetings in achieving your business goals.


If you already run regular progress meetings (of course they could be more frequent than monthly), then ensure that these are developed out into marketing meetings as well.


If not then this is a big action point for today-let’s get these up and running asap.


After all, if what gets measure gets better-why wouldn’t you?


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