How Businesses Reinvented Their Marketing During Lockdown

Shelton Associates worked with over 150 local businesses during Lockdown to help transform their Marketing.

How Businesses Reinvented Their Marketing During Lockdown Shelton Associates Marketing Consultancy Sheffield

Andrew Shelton, Partner at Shelton Associates says ‘It has been quite humbling and inspiring to see how businesses have adapted and grasped the opportunities that have undoubtedly arisen from Lockdown and have dealt formidably and with determination to address the many problems that arose’.


When lockdown happened in March last year there was a huge amount of uncertainty in the local business community and Shelton Associates launched the ‘Covid 19 Marketing Transformation Programme’ to help firms to develop their own Marketing Plan to get through the crisis and beyond and to increase their skills in key areas to help them in lockdown including LinkedIn, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Website lead generation etc. Andrew continues, ‘The success of this programme has been due most importantly the efforts of the businesses themselves taking part and the significant support provided by Skills Bank to help businesses in unprecedented times to, in some cases, completely reinvent the ways they do business’.


One of the biggest opportunities that has arisen from lockdown has been the significant growth in online selling (witnessed I suspect, by the number of cardboard boxes in many of our garages)! Internet sales increased to 36% of all Retail Sales in January-powered in no small part by lockdown. This growth has been seen across all platforms including local Retailers unable to sell on the High Street, showing ‘fleetness of foot’ and setting up their own eCommerce website and starting to sell online instead. Businesses have been turning to eBay, Etsy, Not on the High Street as well during lockdown, but none of these have shown the same potential as selling your products on Amazon!


Alex Shelton, Partner at Shelton Associates and Sheffield-based Amazon Selling Expert has been helping businesses to set up and sell on Amazon for many years and saw client’s sales increase hugely during lockdown, he says.. ‘it’s been quite incredible to be honest, to see the growth some clients have been experiencing on Amazon since March last year-in some cases up 500%! The level of sales clients are achieving on Amazon can also be quite significant, up to £350k and more… So, pretty much for most sectors (within reason) if companies already have products that could be sold online, Amazon has got to be high on the list to consider as you are selling products on a proven and ‘trusted’ platform with a massive amount of customers wanting to buy!


Alex works with Global Brands, Small Businesses & Private Sellers and has trained Amazon Sellers all over the world through his Training Programmes focusing primarily on the UK, European and US Marketplaces. He has delivered Training in association with The Chamber of Commerce, Business Sheffield, Government Start Up Organisations and AMZScout-Industry leading Amazon Product Research Company.


Richard Abdy, Managing Director of A.R.Wentworth (Sheffield) Ltd, manufacturer of a range of handcrafted products including pewter tankards, flasks and quaichs says… ‘Since working with Alex the progress on Amazon has been quite something! Historically we have not been a Business that sells directly to consumer, however, that all changed when we met Alex! He helped us create an Online Business using one single platform-Amazon. He helped us develop a Growth Plan and select the right products for the platform and his training was incredibly useful to help us grow the Business. We have seen significant sales increases in the UK through and we are now selling across the Globe through the Amazon platform, in the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia with Sales doubling year on year! To be honest, because we had never done it before, we didn’t know what was possible on Amazon, but from a standing start in 2019 we achieved six figure sales Amazon in Year 1 in the UK and USA….We doubled our Amazon sales in 2020 and so far this year look on track to double sales again! If you’re looking for an Amazon expert to work with and grow your Business then I would highly recommend Alex!


This was all achieved following published Author Amazon Author, Alex Shelton’s 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Successful Amazon Seller:


Step 1 – Selecting the right products for Amazon
Step 2 – Setting up as an Amazon Seller
Step 3 – Learning the Amazon Seller Platform
Step 4 – FBA
Step 5 – Advertising & Branding
Step 6 – Social Media Advertising
Step 7 – Expanding Internationally


Rob Pickersgill, Managing Director of Thorne-based aluminium die casting manufacturer, Hallam Castings Ltd got involved in Shelton Associates’ Covid 19 Marketing Transformation Programme during Lockdown last year. Rob says ‘taking part in the programme was great for us as a business and it enables us to rethink what we were doing from a Marketing point of view and to concentrate on developing skills in those forms of digital marketing which would really work during lockdown to drive traffic to our website (eg LinkedIn, Google Ads and we are currently looking at selling our own products now on Amazon!). It really has worked for us! Enquiries and sales increased and I would thoroughly recommend that local businesses take part in the Marketing Transformation programme!


Any businesses wanting to ‘Sell Their Products on Amazon’ or ‘Transform their Marketing’ with Alex and Andrew then make sure you take a look at these programmes below…


The Ultimate Amazon Selling Programme


The Marketing Transformation Programme



Alexander Shelton-Partner

Alexander Shelton Amazon Consultant and Trainer

Alexander Shelton is an Amazon Consultant and works with Small and Medium sized Businesses across the UK to help sell their products & services online.


This is through Webinars, Seminars, 1-2-1 training or on a Consultancy Basis. Alex also runs 1-2-1 training on various social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram across the country showing businesses how they can generate new leads, enquiries and sales through organic ‘content’ marketing and social media ‘paid’ advertising


For further information, please contact: Alexander Shelton


Andrew Shelton-Partner

Andrew Shelton Marketing Consultant Sheffield

Andrew Shelton is an experienced Marketing Consultant who has undertaken many senior-level projects for SMEs, and government organisations.


Andrew has a wide of experience of working in industrial development, management training firms and professional marketing practices. Prior to the establishment of Shelton Associates, he spent 4 years as a Principal Consultant Touche Ross Management Consultants and managed a professional marketing consultancy in the North of England. He has over 25 years’ experience of working with organisations on a consultancy basis. Andrew is a former Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, in Northern Ireland.


For further information, please contact: Andrew Shelton

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