How Has iOS 14 Affected Facebook Ads?

You might have heard about the latest changes with Facebook Ads, but what does it actually mean?

How has iOS14 affected Facebook Ads - Shelton Associates Marketing Consultancy Sheffield

If you are an iPhone user and have recently updated to iOS 14, you may have noticed that when using certain apps, you will get a pop-up notification asking if you consent to that app tracking your activity across apps and websites owned by other companies. Facebook in particular has strongly opposed this change, since this little pop-up has caused problems amongst marketers and business owners, as it means that the ability to advertise effectively and intelligently on Facebook has been somewhat affected. This is because most people will immediately click ‘Ask App not to Track’ (especially now they are given a clear choice) before they have even considered the pros and cons of the app tracking their activity – for most people, it is an automatic reaction!


iOS 14 Tracking Message - Shelton Associates Marketing Consultancy Sheffield

An example of the pop-up you may see when opening some apps.


This in turn means that there will be less of an opportunity for personalised Facebook Ads, which makes it more difficult to specifically target people who you know are interested in your business. This is a ‘domino effect’ as a less targeted reach could likely lead to fewer conversions and fewer sales. All of this results in a less successful ad, despite spending the same amount of money.


As well as the actual success of an ad, this iOS 14 update has also affected how accurate Facebook Ads’ reporting is – e.g. Facebook may display less accurate data surrounding the performance of your ad. For example, if a user has opted out to tracking, you will no longer be able to see what actions they took surrounding your product/service, once they have left the Facebook App/Site, which renders the data less valid.


This has made it harder for businesses (but particularly small businesses) who rely on Facebook Ads to reach new (through ‘Lookalike Audiences’) and existing (through ‘Retargeting’) audiences.


However, there are things you can do in order to make this update have less of a detrimental effect on your Facebook Advertising methods and performance – some, more complex and some, quick fixes, but all incredibly important, so we advise you to have a good read of the points listed by Facebook here.


It’s important to consider though, that the most simple way to counteract the effect of iOS 14 is simply to make your Facebook Ads even more creative, so that users won’t be able to resist clicking on your ad to find out more about you and your business! Try to use user-generated content (UGC) if you haven’t done so before, as this type of content encourages users to really delve deeper into your brand – especially if this content is harvested from ‘influencers’, whom people are already aware of.


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