How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon

When it comes to selling on Amazon everyone wants to know how to find the perfect product and AMZ Scout is a great starting point!

Over the years I have helped many Businesses and Global Brands sell their products on Amazon through my Amazon Consultancy Programmes. I also coach people all over the world to create their very own Business on Amazon. With FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) Amazon can distribute your products for you and take care of the customer service. Clearly a hugely important part of this process though is finding the right product to sell!


If you are already an established business and you know the products you will be selling on Amazon, or you are currently in the process of having a product Manufactured for you then, that’s great but you still might be keen to learn how to research the market to find a nice product.


There is an online tool called AMZ Scout to help you find products to sell on Amazon and can give you a good idea of the number of sales every product on Amazon is achieving and the types of products you could potentially sell. It’s also great to help you to set sales targets for your new Amazon Business if you are completely new to all this selling on Amazon stuff! Even if you know the products you want to sell, it is a good idea to use this valuable tool to research and find out how much other companies who are selling these types of products are making!


How To Use AMZ Scout

I really like the ‘AMZ Scout PRO Extension’ for Chrome (which means that you need to be using Google Chrome) and this helps to identify the estimated 30 day revenue/sales on products when doing a search within an Amazon Marketplace.  So for example, I have just done a quick search within Amazon for ‘Garden Products’. First of all the AMZ Scout PRO Extension will let you know if it thinks the search you made in Amazon has potential for being a great niche!  I’ve clicked onto ‘AMZ Scout PRO Extension’ and I have been presented with an overall score of 6 based on how likely I am to succeed on Amazon with these types of products.  Profit, demand and competition is all taken into account.


I can then also see a ‘product score’ on every product and this tells me how likely I am to succeed on Amazon with that exact product. I can also see the number of sellers selling that product, the Amazon Sales Rank, the Fulfilment by Amazon fees, the estimated net margin, estimated monthly sales and estimated 30 day revenue. Really, really useful information for new and existing Amazon Sellers!


If you have had a few thoughts about the types of products you could potentially sell on Amazon, you may be surprised at the level of sales that people are making with these products. On the other hand, you may see that sales are very low, so you might make a decision to rule that idea out and move onto the next one!


At the top of the PRO Extension you can see ‘Nice Idea’ – I really love this tool and it is really useful for those of you who are struggling with product ideas. AMZ Scout will help to identify a niche for you.  If you click ‘Niche Idea’ AMZ Scout will then bring you up with an Amazon search and a suggested niche Score for those types of products!



AMZ Scout has a whole load of other really valuable tools including ‘Amazon Keyword Search’ which can help you find the right keywords to use when listing your product on Amazon so that it can be found in an Amazon search! You can also use the ‘Reverse ASIN Lookup’ to help you find keywords on competitors pages on Amazon. There is also another Chrome Tool to help you when doing your Product Research as well and that’s the ‘Quick View Chrome Extension’ which enables you to view products side by side to see which is more profitable!


Sign up for AMZ Scout

So, if you are looking for help with product research and selling on Amazon then AMZ Scout is a great option for you. Just click onto the link below to ‘get started’ with your Amazon Product Research and of course, if you need any 1-2-1 Amazon FBA Training to coach and guide you through the process just get in touch with me directly.

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