How To Increase Amazon Sales by 4400% in 12 months

If you’re already selling on Amazon but think you can be doing better then have a read of this blog post to see how one of my Clients increased their Sales by 4400% in just 12 months.


Just under 12 months ago I travelled down to the South East to meet a new Manufacturing client who wanted some help with selling their products on Amazon. Historically they had been selling directly to Global Retailers in large quantities but had decided internally that selling on Amazon seemed like a great opportunity and I could not have agreed more. Amazon is a direct, trusted route to market and with FBA, Amazon can be shipping your products out for you and taking care of the customer service side as well! Amazon gives Manufacturers the opportunity to take control of their brand and online presence.

So, they started selling on Amazon in 2019 and were doing OK but knew they could be doing better. They got in touch with me in February 2020 for some help and before travelling down to deliver a Training Programme, I undertook an Amazon Seller Central Audit which I feel is vital before any Training Programme I run. I fully review the Seller account, sales to date, listings, keywords, images, brand, different marketplaces etc. and opportunities for growth. The Audit allows me to tailor the Training around the client.

Before I started dealing with the Company sales were ‘mixed’. They had sold 2,092 units which had generate £22,950.45 in revenue.

For a Manufacturer with some great products, this wasn’t really enough in revenue to give them the option of moving to Amazon selling and away from distributing to the big retailers. From my Audit, I saw huge potential with their products and I new what needed to be done to take things to the next level on Amazon.
In the One Day Training Session we looked at how to better optimise the existing product listings on Amazon, which involves extensive keyword research and learning the ‘language’ the customers, when searching for products on Amazon. We looked at increasing Product Reviews, FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon), Seller Fulfilled Prime, Competitor Research, Enhanced Brand Content – all really vital areas when it comes to growing product sales ‘organically’.


Amazon PPC Ads Opportunity

One of the real opportunities I saw with this particular client was with Pay Per Click Advertising. They had ‘dabbled’ in the Advertising side previously but weren’t really sure what to do or what to look out for. Paid Advertising was therefore a big part of our Amazon Training Programme.

Amazon Ads work on a pay per click basis so you are charged if someone clicks on your Ad regardless of whether someone purchases your product or not! Therefore, it’s really important to ‘monitor’ Amazon Ads to make sure they’re working. You can do this by monitoring the ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale).

ACOS is the percent of attributed sales spent on advertising within 14 days of clicks on your ads. This is calculated by dividing total spend by attributed sales.  You want your Ads to be generating sales, however, you also want your Ads to have a low ACOS, so you are making a healthy profit! After working out the ‘break even’ point after Amazon fees with the client-we were then able to work out the highest ACOS we could work towards achieving. Some of their existing campaigns, prior to the training programme had an ACOS of over 200%!! Which means that they were spending A LOT more than they were making in return.


Past Amazon PPC Campaigns.

Having the skills to monitor these campaigns effectively means that their campaigns are now much more effective with a much lower ACOS! They have multiple campaigns running but have a look at a couple of the improved campaigns below…


Good Performing Amazon PPC Campaigns.

Recurring Income Product Opportunity

Another opportunity I noticed with the client was that all their products were ‘consumable’ meaning you can use the products on an everyday basis and customers (if they know the product is available on Amazon) are likely to purchase again and again and again. This opened the opportunity for ‘Subscribe and Save’.

Amazon Subscribe & Save is a great feature that allows Shoppers to schedule repeat orders of products they purchase regularly. Shoppers make savings of up to 15% on repeat orders. You as an Amazon Seller help retain customers and increase recurring income. It’s a win-win Situation!

On-going Amazon Advice & Support

After the Training Programme, the client decided they would like me to work with them on an on-going basis. They signed up to the Amazon Advice Centre which means that I am here for advice and support as and when they needed it! I helped them implement the areas we focused on in the Training including developing successful Amazon Advertising Campaigns, Subscribe and Save and other advanced Marketing methods. Between February 2020 and December 2020 they sold 35,754 units and this resulted in £384,456.88 in product sales. The COVID-19 Pandemic certainly helped with sales from March to May but without Advertising or optimising the listings it’s unlikely the products would have generated the levels they did. Orders continued at a high level and this was largely due to ‘Subscribe and Save’ – the huge number of orders in the early months has now resulted in on-going monthly orders!

The total number of Units Sold in 2019 was 790 with £8,784.50 in Sales. The total number of Units Sold in 2020 (to date) is 36,881 units with £396,813.94 in Sales. That’s a total increase of 4417% Quite something!


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