What is Facebook Wi-Fi? Learn how to use Facebook Wi-Fi for your business!

With more and more businesses, such as restaurants and leisure facilities, being allowed to open as lockdown eases, now is the time your business could make use of Facebook Wi-Fi.

Not only does it get rid of the need for displaying Wi-Fi passwords or customers asking for your Wi-Fi password, but Facebook Wi-Fi also means that more people can discover your business!


Here’s how it works:


  • Facebook Wi-Fi setup: A compatible Facebook Wi-Fi router, a Facebook business page and a business address is all you need to set up Facebook Wi-Fi. You can find out how to set up Facebook Wi-Fi here.


  • When customers are at your business, they will go into their device settings as normal and connect to your Wi-Fi. Their device will connect automatically.


  • Once they are connected, they would then go to browse the internet and either click on or type in the URL they would like to visit.


  • Once clicked, they will then be redirected to Facebook, where they can then opt to ‘check-in’, in order to access the Wi-Fi. Once checked-in, they will then be redirected again to your business’s Facebook page where they can ‘Like’ the page and view posts etc.


  • Now the customer just needs to click ‘Continue Browsing’ and will be taken to the website they initially clicked on.


You can customise the settings for your Facebook Wi-Fi, meaning that customers don’t have to check-in in order to access the Wi-Fi – for example, they could enter a code that you provide instead. You can also set limits of how long customers can use the Wi-Fi for and you can also add a Terms of Service too.


Checking in on Facebook - Shelton Associates Marketing Consultancy Sheffield

Screenshot showing how it looks when you ‘check in’ to a place on Facebook.

The Benefits


  • Increase visibility of your Facebook Page and increase page ‘Likes’ – whether customers opt to ‘check-in’ or not, they will still be redirected to your Facebook page, meaning more customers looking at your posts and perhaps giving your page a ‘Like’.


  • Increase page ‘Check-ins’ – customers are given the option to ‘check-in’ which shows on their friends’ news feeds. This means more people being aware of your business and your Facebook page.


  • Gain powerful visitor insights – make use of the Facebook Wi-Fi insights to view data about the percentage of new and returning customers, which in turn can be used to fashion marketing campaigns accordingly.


  • Gain return clients – if your business has an easy method to access your Wi-Fi and your customers are able to use their device effectively and then work from your business premises, then they are more than likely going to return (and tell other people about it too!).


  • Gain a reputation of being a ‘tech-savvy’ business – do something that no other business in your local area does. You might be the only business in your local area using Facebook Wi-Fi, which could be a unique selling point (USP) and could gain you a reputation of being the ‘cool’, ‘tech-savvy’ business in your area that people want to visit!


As a Marketing Consultancy, we believe Facebook Wi-Fi is an excellent, not to mention unique, opportunity for your business, especially those in the hospitality and leisure industries.


And although we wouldn’t recommend using just one avenue of marketing, many businesses do use Facebook as their main marketing channel because of its varied and easy way of reaching customers such as through Groups, Live Streams, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Ads, Facebook Pixel and Facebook Shopping – not to mention the hugely valuable Facebook Insights.


If you don’t think Facebook Wi-Fi is suitable for your business, but would still like to explore these other business opportunities within Facebook, check out our Facebook Training page or Book a Call with our lead social media consultant, Alex.

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