Is Your Marketing Generating You Leads, Enquiries and Sales?

Marketing is great. Creativity is great but if your Marketing is not generating your Business Leads, Enquiries and Sales then your Marketing is not working and something needs to be done.


Lead Generation Marketing Training from Shelton Associates

We describe ourselves as Professional Marketing Consultants; we are not a creative agency. A creative Marketing Agency will often come up with great looking logos, branding, business cards etc. and we have associates we work with to help you with this side of things, however, we concentrate on generating your Business Leads, Enquiries and Sales.So, I have outlined some useful one day 1-2-1 Marketing courses ran by Shelton Associates to help your Business Develop more Leads, Enquiries and Sales. We come to you and train you or you and your Marketing team:


Professional Marketing Plan Development

We come to you and develop a Marketing Plan for your Business. You will then have a powerful, formal written document which outlines the future direction of your business, who will be targeted, how it will be achieved and crucially the Marketing Plan includes a practical Action Plan to make sure that it happens.


Facebook Lead Generation Training

We come to you and embed Facebook Marketing skills within your Business. In the morning we look at the ‘organic’ side of Facebook and how to effectively increase your Following. In the afternoon we then look at the powerful Facebook Ads Platform to create your Business new leads, enquires and sales-we’ll look at all the powerful methods of advertising and automating the process with your CRM system. Crucially this course is tailored around your Business.


LinkedIn Lead Generation Training

LinkedIn is now a widely used platform for generating Business. We have been using LinkedIn ourselves for over 8 years. Most of us now have a LinkedIn profile but very few are using it to its full potential. We come into your Business and show use how to usel this powerful platform from a Sales and Marketing point of view and crucially put together a LinkedIn Strategy for you or your sales team. Finally, we look at LinkedIn’s Ads Platform to generate ongoing leads and automate the lead generation process.


Instagram Lead Generation Training

Instagram is great to tool to generate brand awareness; however, it is also a great tool to develop new leads, enquiries and sales. On the 1-2-1 course we look at ‘optimising’ your profile, we then look at ways to increase your Following and turn those followers into paying customers. Finally, we look at Instagram’s powerful Ads Platform to generate an on-going flow of leads for your Business.

Let’s Make Your Marketing Work

Let’s make 2020 the year your Marketing really works, contact us to find out more and secure dates for your 1-2-1 bespoke Marketing Courses.
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