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You might have heard about the potential of selling products on Amazon but have absolutely no idea where to even begin!  I Founded the AMZ Business Academy to help anyone, even those with no experience of Online Selling or running their own Business, create their very own Amazon Business from scratch.


So, what is an Amazon Business?

An Amazon Business is where you source products (hopefully products that are going to sell really, really well!) and sell those products on Amazon in your chosen Marketplace whether that’s here in the UK, USA, Germany, that’s entirely up to you! Now, one of the great things about Amazon is that you don’t have to arrange for a courier such as UPS to collect the orders or make the trip down to the Post Office before it closes! When selling on Amazon you can use their FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) service which means that you send your products in bulk to an Amazon Fulfilment Centre and Amazon ships the orders out for you when they come in!


Why should I set up an Amazon Business?

Well, let’s compare an Amazon Business to a Traditional Business.  First of all, there are very little overheads with an Amazon Business! With a Traditional Business you may need a shop or offices, staff, equipment etc. however, with an Amazon Business, you only really need your laptop, capital for your first order and a good internet connection! Therefore, theoretically, you can manage everything from your laptop, which would be ideal, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere.


How can the AMZ Business Academy help me?

The AMZ Business Academy is here to help make the process of selling on Amazon as painless as possible.  When you sign up to Join the Academy, the first stage is to get our 1-2-1 Training sessions booked in.  These can either be at our UK offices or on digital platforms such as ‘Zoom’.  In the first session, I will introduce you to the process and give you some guidance and Training on how to undertake Product Research and how to find the right products to sell.  As well as how to get set up as an Amazon Seller!  I then give you some advanced Training on how to actually sell and market your products on Amazon in the second session.  As a member of the Academy, you will also have ‘on demand’ access to my Exclusive Online Amazon Training to learn at your own pace and 2 Months email support for any questions you have along the way e.g. ‘Alex, How do I do this?’ ‘What does this mean?’ ‘What do you think of this?’ etc. The important thing is I don’t leave you on your own!


How do I become a Member?

The first stage is to book a 15min call with me.  There is a lot to Selling on Amazon and I will talk you through how it all works. If we have available places in our Academy and you’d like to go ahead, we can get you signed up and get some Training dates booked in.


Book a Call with Alex

Just click on the link below to Book a Call with me, don’t worry if you have no past experience with ecommerce, Marketing or running your own Business. I’m here to help make the process as painless as possible for you and we have coached many individuals with no or very little experience to grow their new Business on Amazon.


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