Marketing is about testing

Marketing is about piloting campaigns and monitoring the campaigns for best results.


All too often I hear companies saying ‘I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work’ and this can be really frustrating to hear because when you dive into their Google Ad or their Facebook Ad and have a look at what they ‘tried’ you tend to find some mistakes. Now mistakes are fine, mistakes are a part of Marketing, if we didn’t make mistakes we wouldn’t know what works and what doesn’t and that’s why it is so important not to give up at the first attempt.


Pilot your Facebook Ads

Lots of companies nowadays have tried Facebook Ads-they’ve followed the steps Facebooks told them but got nothing out of it. This could be down to many reasons. It could be that the Ad itself is not appealing to the audience, it could be that the Call To Action (CTA) is not strong enough, it might be the targeting is wrong. There are many different reasons as to why your Ad didn’t work so it’s important to tweak it, try split testing the ad against another audience, maybe target your existing customers with a different message to your potential ones or just amend the budget. The possibilities are endless and you will find some Ads work fantastically well!

The same goes for most online advertising platforms whether it’s Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, eBay Ads it’s all about piloting campaigns, monitoring the results and amending them if required.


How are my Ads performing? Think about ROI (Return on Investment)

You need to know that your Ads are generating you results. You might have run a Facebook campaign that was seen by lots of people, it generated lots of clicks but did those clicks convert? This is where the monitoring side of things comes into play. You need to know whether your Marketing is working. Are you running Ads to get enquiries? Or are you running Ads to generate sales? Either way you need to have ‘conversions’ set up in Google Analytics so that when you are monitoring your Adverts you can see how much you have spent, how many clicks you’ve had and how many solid leads or sales have happened directly because of that Ad. If you are looking to generate leads, you need to think about what a ‘lead’ is worth to you and if you are spending more than the leads are worth then you clearly want to be thinking about amending the Ad.



Retargeting is another big part of online and social ads and these can work really well if set up correctly. This works by someone visiting your website and then heading to another website (e.g. Facebook) and seeing an Advert for your Business. If you’re not using retargeting at the moment it is certainly something to pilot.

The beauty of Digital Marketing is that it allows us to monitor Ads and amend them. They’re not like traditional advertising that can be very difficult to monitor. If something isn’t working well then you have the ability to change that with the power of online advertising!


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