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Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day 1-2-1 Training Course


Shelton Associates are leading UK experts in how to develop and implement a Marketing Plan.

Our definitive programme Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day is an intensive One Day ’In Company’ Marketing Workshop, whereby Shelton Associates undertakes a high-level strategic Marketing Intervention at your business premises with Senior management to Develop a professional Marketing Plan for their business.

With this intensive programme we come to your premises, undertake a stimulating ‘ideas-generation’ process led by Shelton Associates and then we write up the Marketing Plan ready for implementation by your Team.

Crucially, by the end of this unique programme, you will have in place a professional Marketing Plan in to start driving your business forward.

The process is as follows:

Stage 1 ‘Ideas-Generation’ Workshop
Shelton Associates will run our stimulating, practical session at your premises to review the marketing of your business and to generate the ideas for the marketing plan itself (Up to 5 people).

Stage 2 The Marketing Plan
We will then build on this session and develop the results into a formal written Marketing Plan for your organisation-crucially with an Action Plan outlining Objectives to be achieved, Responsibilities, Timescales and Costs-remember if you don't have a written document, you don't have a plan!

Our Programme Commitment to You...

As a result of undertaking the Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day programme, you will establish a clear direction for your company, set firm, quantifiable objectives for the next 3 years, identify where you are going to generate this business from and crucially develop a practical marketing strategy to achieve these objectives. We then write up the Marketing Plan complete with an Action Plan so that you can start developing your business straight away'

Andrew Shelton, Programme Director, Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day


To further embed these skills within the business, each company receives a copy of Shelton Associates’ ‘Marketing Plan in a Day the DVD’, a definitive, proven and practical Online learning approach to developing a professional Marketing Plan for your business, together with a copy of Shelton Associates’ book Marketing Plan Essentials: The Proven 7 Stage System to Develop and write Your Own Marketing Plan.

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