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Shelton Associates has been developing professional Marketing Plans for SMEs for over 25 years.

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You can choose from 5 exciting options to develop a practical Marketing Plan for your business with Shelton Associates, the experts in helping businesses to develop a Marketing Plan.


What is a Marketing Plan?

One of the main things many SMEs have in common is that they recognise the importance of having a Marketing Plan, but very few of them have actually got one!

A Marketing Plan is a powerful, formal written document which outlines the future direction of the business, who will be targeted, how it will be achieved and crucially includes a practical Action Plan to make sure that it happens. Given that this is so important, we have put together a number of effective options to enable you to follow the proven 7 Stages of Developing your own Marketing Plan to drive your business forward.

If you have already got a marketing plan then you will know the benefits it brings. If not, you are missing out on a crucial part of the process to develop new clients and take your business forward.

Choose from 5 great options to help you develop a Marketing Plan for your business.

Marketing plan the book

Marketing Plan Essentials-The Book:

The Proven 7 Stage System to Develop and write Your Own Marketing Plan

Marketing plan the video

Marketing Plan in a Day the Video

A definitive, proven and practical DVD and Online learning approach to developing a professional Marketing Plan for your business

Marketing plan the seminar

Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day – The Seminar

You will learn The 7 steps to developing a Marketing Plan and 25 crucial skills to effectively implement your marketing plan in this workshop.

Marketing plan in company

Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day-In Company Programme

If you need direct personal assistance from Shelton Associates to help to write a marketing plan, then this training programme is your starting point

Marketing plan consultancy

Develop a Marketing Plan - Consultancy Programme

We have assisted companies in a wide range of sectors and with a wide range of marketing requirements

We have assisted companies in a wide range of sectors and with a wide range of marketing requirements. The common thread though has been that management wanted to work with a company they could trust and one that would generate them results.

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