Marketing Tips for Business Owners – Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are a great way of bringing content together so we’ve set up our own – Marketing Tips.


What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook Groups bring people together and enable individuals to respond to content and ask questions.


What makes a group different to a Business Page?

We have a Facebook Business page (Shelton Associates Marketing Agency) that anybody can ‘Like’ and receive our content, however, Facebook Groups give Admins the ability to restrict who can and cannot join.  This is why we set up a Facebook Group just for Business Owners and Managers to receive on-going and very useful Marketing Tips for their Business.


What is The Marketing Tips Facebook Group all about?

Marketing Tips is only for Business Owners and Managers who want to improve the effectiveness of their Marketing.  We will be posting regular tips in the group to help business owners with their strategic and digital marketing for free!  From Marketing Budget Tips to Twitter Tips, our Marketing professionals are always on the lookout for the latest tips to help small businesses.


How do I Join Marketing Tips?

If you are a Business Owner or Manager then click here to Join Marketing Tips


If you would like to learn more about Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketing visit our Facebook Workshop page.


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