My Journey into Digital Marketing & Selling on Amazon

Meet Alex Shelton, Digital Marketing Consultant & The Amazon Trainer.


Hello, my name is Alex Shelton and I am a Digital Marketing Consultant and Partner at Shelton Associates. Sounds great, but what do I actually do? Basically, I help companies to set up and sell their products on Amazon and help companies that are already selling on Amazon to increase their sales. In a lot of cases, those sales can be very significant on Amazon, ranging from a few thousand pounds a month to £300K a month and more. Without sounding too much like Liam Neeson though, I have built a particular set of skills when it comes to Amazon Selling which I use to help companies and individuals who are new to Amazon Selling to create their very own Amazon Business!


The companies I work with on a 1-2-1 basis, are involved in a wide range of sectors including global consumer electronic brands, record producers, giftware manufacturers, global workwear manufacturers, sports equipment companies, electric radiator manufacturers, medical product suppliers, Pet food manufacturers, the list goes on! Also, a lot of people come to me who are just starting out, some have a product they want to launch and others, maybe like you, don’t have a product, but just want to start their own Amazon Business…


How I got into Selling on Amazon

So, how did I actually get into all of this Amazon stuff? Well, 6 or 7 years ago a client came to me who wanted help with their marketing to launch a new product, a brilliant product as well, really niche. After a few meetings with the client we decided that I would sell the product in my own right as a distributor and so my Amazon adventure began.

My obvious thoughts here at this stage were OK, I know a lot about selling through websites, I can do that, I have excellent skills when it comes to social media advertising but what about Amazon? Is it even possible to sell this brand new product on Amazon (maybe a bit like you are now thinking about your own products), how does Amazon even work? Do I need to contact them, do they need to inspect the product etc, etc. All of these questions I had which, to be honest, seem a little silly now!

So, I started looking into it a bit more and what did I find? Lots and lots and lots of online videos! Wow! People saying different things, people claiming to be the best at this and the best at that, 6, 7, 8 figure businesses, my goodness it just went on and on and on! There’s even more out there now!

Anyway, I was patient, some videos were useful and a lot of ‘experts’ were not, to put it bluntly, that expert. I basically learnt the hard way. I learnt by doing it all myself, making plenty of mistakes along the way because the platform for a beginner, in my opinion, is not as intuitive as you might think. One thing particularly annoyed me when going through everything you might be going through now. I was fed up of buying a “300 stage” selling system or a “free” 48-page guide on something that didn’t actually show me how to sell on Amazon!

There are also videos out there that are far too complex for a beginner. I was fed up and decided to learn the hard way, which yes, took me longer than I would have liked, but I knew at some point I was going to ‘make it painless for others to sell on Amazon’.

So, I started running 1-2-1 Amazon Courses a few years back to help anyone looking to learn ‘How to Sell on Amazon’ and to create their own Amazon Business. I run this through Face to Face Amazon Training or Remote Amazon Training via Zoom if required.  If you are a Business Owner and looking for on-going help, I can also work with you as your Amazon Consultant.




Why I want to help you succeed on Amazon

So, after learning ‘the hard way’, after a couple of years, I was able to bring Amazon Training into our Marketing Consultancy Business which is what I really love to do. Yes, these skills allowed me to buy my first house when I was just 21 years old, but I’ll be honest, I love standing up, presenting and showing people what I’ve learnt, why? Because when you see the results for someone else there is nothing quite like it for me.

When you take Businesses (who have great products but perhaps are not achieving the sales levels they should be) from a standing start on Amazon to up to £300k a month in sales, let me tell you it is very rewarding! I love to help clients’ Businesses thrive and as Marketing Consultants that’s what we want to do… we want to now help your new Amazon Business thrive and prosper.

Clearly, these results are not typical, but as with most things, the more you put into it, the more you tend to get out of it! Also, factors such as the products you are selling, changing market conditions, the level of competition etc., will all determine how successful your Amazon business will be, but it is nice to know what is possible!


Book a Call with Alex & Learn How To Sell on Amazon

If you’re a Business looking to sell your products on Amazon or someone who is looking to start their own Business selling products on Amazon then book a call with me, we’ll have a chat and hopefully get some training dates booked in!

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