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'Non Exec Marketing' for SMEs

Shelton Associates provides a specialist Non Exec Marketing Director service for clients who want to grow their business, but don’t have the internal Strategic Marketing Skills to help take the business forward, or can’t afford these key skills on a full-time basis.

Typically working with the Owner/Directors of the business, Andrew Shelton has provided Non-Exec Marketing Services for a range of SMEs including:

-Professional Firms
-Service Companies

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Andrew Shelton Marketing Consultant Sheffield

Andrew is highly-regarded as a Marketing Director, Advisor and Mentor, providing senior-level practical marketing support to businesses which have the desire and capability to grow but lack essential marketing skills to drive the business forward effectively.

Why Make use of our Non Exec Marketing Service?

-Benefit from the advice and support from an experienced Marketing Professional to help grow your business
-Have a valuable ‘sounding board’ for those key marketing decisions which need to be made
-Benefit from Andrew’s unique marketing experience and insight covering a wide range of industries
-Providing guidance and mentoring to an inexperienced internal marketing team


How does it Work?

Typically the first stage to setting up a Non Exec Marketing arrangement is the development of a Professional Marketing Plan. Once this is in place everyone knows what has to be achieved, What needs to be done and Deadlines etc.

Then Shelton Associates provide practical advisory support to the management team to assist in implementing the Marketing Plan together with our regular attendance at Monthly Management/Marketing Meetings etc to monitor and measure progress.

Importantly this service also gives full monthly access to Shelton Associates’ Marketing Advice Centre for all those key Marketing questions which can arise during the implementation of the plan. This service can provide advice relating to specific technical areas of implementing the Marketing Plan eg: Facebook Ads, Google analytics, Setting up Google conversions, CRM systems, Instagram Lead Generation etc



Costs are typically worked out on an Agreed Number of Days per month (this is likely to be higher in the early stages of a project) and will be dependant on the growth levels to be achieve and how quickly this is to be reached.

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Shelton Associates provide practical advisory support to the management team to assist in implementing the Marketing Plan.

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