Should I be using Facebook Ads?

If you’re an SME the answer is probably ‘yes you should’ be using Facebook Ads to generate brand awareness, generate new leads and to engage with your customers.


When visiting Businesses I often hear phrases such as “Facebook isn’t for us”- just like that people have made up their mind that none of their customers are on Facebook so that’s that! My usual answer is “let us show you everything Facebook has to offer and then make up your mind”. Not once have I been proven wrong.


Firstly, there are essentially two sides to Facebook – the ‘Organic’ side and the ‘Paid’ side. The organic side is the free stuff where you post content to the people who “like” your page. That side is great if you have a large following of customers and potential customers. Your aim is to get people to engage with your content and this can take a bit of time, but when done right it’s a really effective form of Marketing. Now, what about the other side, the paid side. This is where things really get interesting. You can target Ads at people you want to do business with. You can target by Age, Location, Job Title, Employers etc. All very detailed information that individuals give to Facebook which then allows us as Digital Marketer’s to target tailored messages to individuals. There are 46,000,000 people on Facebook in the United Kingdom – are you sure your target customers are not on there?


I have been running Facebook Ad Campaigns for Businesses across the UK for a good few years now; in fact we were one of a handful of Businesses who saw the potential of Facebook for Business early on. I must say that the Ad side has only improved over the years. You can now target Ads at individuals from your customer database; you can target Ads at people who visit your website. There is so much to this advanced system and there is huge amount of potential for every type of Business. Facebook Ads are not expensive if you know what you’re doing! There have been times when Business Owners have told me that they have tried Facebook Ads but it didn’t work and 9 times out of 10 it’s because they didn’t really know what they were doing.


So, if you’re business is not using Facebook Ads or you are not making the most of Facebook Ads then you are missing out on what I might even describe as the perfect Marketing tool. The best way we find to make sure you understand the full potential of Facebook Ads and to be able to run campaigns for yourself is through our one-to-one Facebook Workshops. We come to your premises and embed all the Facebook Marketing skills within your Business, from the content side to the advanced Facebook Ads side-we run through it all. The Workshop also comes with one month’s free access to our Marketing Advice Centre which means you can call our team for Advice after the Workshop so you’re not left on your own!


To learn more and book a day for us to come and see you please see our Facebook Workshop page.

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