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This is a practical 'In Company' training workshop aimed at helping attendees to exploit the significant potential of YouTube Advertising to generate leads and sales. The programme is suitable for existing users and those starting from scratch.

YouTube Advertising 'In Company' Workshop

Let us show you how to generate Leads and Enquiries for your own business through YouTube Advertising
Get a Regular Supply of Ongoing Leads and Enquiries….
Learn How To Generate New Leads, Enquiries and Sales using YouTube in Just One Day!

Youtube advertising training sheffield

YouTube Advertising 'In Company' Workshop

Our ’In Company’ training workshop takes place at your own premise, as we visit you, so you learn all of this vital information in the comfort of your own office with up to 5 people attending from your own business.

– Introduction to YouTube
– How will YouTube help my Business?
– Setting up your YouTube Channel
– Video Editing Software
– The different types of video Ads  for Business
– How to upload videos to YouTube
– Common YouTube Advertising mistakes to be avoided
– Understanding policy violations
– What are YouTube Ads and how do they work?
– Google Adwords and Youtube
– Create your first YouTube Ads Campaign
– Choosing your audience
– How to monitor your YouTube ads
– Custom Audiences
– Remarketing

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