Have you recently taken on a Marketing Apprentice?

Sometimes Apprentices can do with a bit of extra help and advice to guide them in the right direction.

A Marketing Apprentice can be a huge benefit to your organization, having someone with new ideas and to take your Business forward is something most Businesses are looking for. So, what`s the next stage? It can be quite daunting for an apprentice in a new role to learn lots of new things `from scratch` but what if they had a bit of help and advice from Marketing Professionals whenever they needed it? That`s where we come in…


The Marketing Advice Centre is ideal for Apprentices in a new role who could really benefit from contacting a team of experts to help them with strategic and digital marketing. It might be help developing a marketing plan, areas to target, objectives etc. or maybe more technical things such as how to advertise the business on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.


We find the Marketing Advice Centre is extremely useful as not only can the apprentice contact us whenever they need help with a Marketing Campaign, we also call them them! The Centre enables you to have proactive support from a professional marketing consultant with a wide range of experience in the sort of marketing issues you are having.


What`s the cost?

The Marketing Advice Centre costs 247+vat a month – no long term contract!


What areas of Marketing are covered?

• Marketing Plan Development
• LinkedIn
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Google Analytics
• Google Adwords
• Email Marketing
• Websites
• Email Marketing
• Social Media Ads
• Blogging
• Amazon Selling
• eBay Selling
• CRM Systems


How do I sign up?

Phone 0114 236 7727 or visit The Marketing Advice Centre

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