5 reasons why your Amazon products should have a Business price

Amazon offers a feature that allows Amazon Sellers to offer a Business Price to Amazon Business Customers.

If you have a professional Amazon Selling Account then Amazon Business might be for you, if you are a Manufacturer or Distributor it is certainly something to think about. Here are 5 reasons why I think you should consider using Amazon Business.


1. Offer a Business Price to Capture Attention

If an Amazon Customer has a Amazon Business Account they are entitled to purchase a product at a Business price set by the seller, so as an Amazon Seller you can set the product price at a reduced rate to capture the attention of the customer and increase sales.


2. Offer Quantity Discounts for Higher Volume Purchases

As an Amazon Seller who has enabled Business pricing you can set Quantity discounts to increase the chances of the customer purchasing more from you.


3. Increase the chances of winning the Buy Box

The Buy Box is the white box on the right side of the Amazon product page and Sellers who sell the same product are competing to win the Buy Box, so customers order from them and not the other Sellers. An Amazon Business Price that displays a VAT exclusive price can help with winning the Buy Box-only available to sellers who activate the VAT Calculation Service.


4. Automatic Generation of VAT Invoices

Customers can automatically generate a VAT Invoice rather than contacting the seller directly, this is only available to sellers who activate the VAT Calculation Service.


5. Use the Amazon Pay By Invoice feature

Pay by Invoice buyers can make purchases from any seller on Amazon and receive an invoice.


For more information on Amazon Business please get in touch. We run Amazon Training Courses tailored around you and your Business.

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