Tips for Writing Blog Posts

If you are thinking seriously about blogging for business then here are some useful tips for writing blog posts.


Research and Plan Your Blog Post
OK, this is probably the hardest bit. When going in to see clients to talk about content marketing, blog posts quite often seem to be something people are a little reluctant to do. Usually because it takes time (which it does!) but also because they feel they don’t know where to start… If you are not used to blogging it can be quite a daunting task. The question really is ‘what would my target audience find interesting?’ You have the knowledge and expertise of your industry so all that needs to be done is to turn that knowledge into something that’s an interesting read and believe me people will find what you do interesting if they know nothing about it!

You must make sure that what you type is accurate and well thought-out. Once you know what you’re going to say, allocate some time to plan the structure of your blog. Have a look at other businesses who blog frequently as a starting point.


Think of a strong title
If I see a blog post on social media that doesn’t have an interesting title I’m probably not very likely to click on it. The title is key. When blogging for business one idea is to develop ‘How To’ blog posts.

‘How To’ blog posts are very popular. Your target audience wants to learn from you and showing someone how to do something positions you as the experts in your industry.
Try to think of your title from an SEO point of view. By this I mean what would people search for within Google to find your blog post. E.g. ‘How to check tyre tread depth’. A good way to see what people search for is by heading to Google and to start typing ‘how to…’ and you will see if the idea for your blog post is a popular one. You can also use google keyword planner to see how many times that phrase is searched for each month.


Address your audience
Once you have identified your blog post title, this will help develop the content. It is important, however, that you write your blog post in the correct style and by this I mean writing your blog post for the audience you are targeting. If you are writing a blog post for small business owners it will be completely different to writing a blog post for industry specialists, for example. Wording and terminology are key and certain words and phrases will stand out and make sense to different audiences. So make sure to research your audience. Remember humour is great when it works, but it can be disastrous if misinterpreted!


Don’t Brag
It’s important not to constantly brag about what you do and how good you are. Your objective is to build trust and establish a relationship with customers and potential customers and by constantly bragging, readers are not taking away any useful information from the blog post.


Optimise your blog post
I mentioned briefly earlier about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and it is important as there are certain rules you need to stick to for Google to best rank your blog post such as meta tags, keyword ratio etc.

If you would like to learn more about blogging for business then please see our Blogging Workshop page.

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