How much does Amazon take?

‘If I decide to sell my products on Amazon, how much exactly does Amazon take?’


It’s a question I get asked 3 or 4 times a week, so I decided I might as well write a blog post about how much Amazon will take if you decide to sell your products on their platform.


Amazon is a superb platform for selling products. It’s a trusted, reliable source and if you are not selling your products on Amazon at the moment it is definitely something to consider. Obviously like most online platforms there are fees involved, so what are they?


Monthly Fee

Amazon offers a basic individual selling plan and a pro account. If you are an individual looking to sell fewer than 35 items per month then there is no monthly subscription and you pay 0.75p per item sold on If you are planning on selling more than 35 items per month then there is a £25 (excl vat) fee per month and you are not charged a fee per item.


Referral Fee

As a Seller on you can sell products in more than 30 categories. Categories have different fees and Amazon deducts the applicable Referral Fee when an item is sold. So, for example, if you are selling computers there is a referral fee of 7%, if you are selling Jewellery there is a referral fee of 20%. Categories vary and it is important you know the percentage Amazon will take on each of your products.


Fulfilment by Amazon Fee (FBA)

It is possible for Amazon to distribute your products for you and make your products eligible for next day delivery to ‘Prime’ Members. It may be a decision you make later but there will be extra fees for this service. Learn more about Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) here.


Sell on Amazon Fee Calculator

The Amazon fee calculator is a very useful tool to get an overview of the average fee charges as well as possible revenues when selling on Amazon. Here’s the link:


Need help selling on Amazon?

We run one to one Amazon Selling workshops to help get you set up on Amazon, list your products effectively and help maximise sales. See our Amazon Workshop page for more information.

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