eBay sales increased 161% in just 3 Days since the Workshop

Are you selling your products on eBay? If not, you are potentially missing out on a massive market. If you are an online seller or a manufacturer looking for a direct route to market then this blog post is for you.


Around 14 million people buy and sell on eBay every month, which is a huge number of potential customers you could be selling your products to. Sometimes people think that eBay is just for ‘second-hand’ products and full of people just looking to get a bit of extra cash. Well these people are still there, but times have really changed since then, you will find most of the ‘big players’ on eBay selling their new products for fixed prices.


eBay is great for increasing your online presence, enabling you sell to your products through a trusted source and it’s great for feedback, however, selling on eBay isn’t a decision to jump into quickly. Just one bad decision and this could result in your eBay account being suspended! When selling as a business, things need to be set up correctly and in a professional way before you can think about generating sales.


Listing products on eBay

OK, it might seem straight forward to list products on eBay, just upload the images, a bit of text and publish…. Well it’s not quite as straightforward as that if you really want to maximise sales. Keyword and category research is vital; it’s also a good idea to see how your competitors are performing before you start listing because you may have to go back and edit all of your items in order to really maximise ‘organic’ sales.


Promoting your products on eBay

eBay offers a range of marketing tools within it’s selling system from promoting your listings to offering a discount on all of your products. Lots of things to consider and a plan is needed before jumping in too quickly.


We run intensive one to one eBay workshops across the UK to help businesses get started on eBay and to really help them maximise sales efficiently. One of our recent clients had been set up on eBay for a good while and just needed that extra boost. He had this to say shortly after the workshop: “The Amazon and eBay Workshops were great! eBay sales increased 161% in just 3 Days since the Workshop. Many thanks for ‘turning the lights on’ about these valuable sales platforms.”


The great thing about our ‘one to one’ workshops is that we don’t leave you on your own at the end of it. You have a free month’s access to our Marketing Advice Centre which means you can ask us any follow up questions after the training day!


eBay is a brilliant selling tool and if you are not using eBay effectively then we can help. Click here to learn more about our eBay selling workshop.

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