How To Automate Pricing on Amazon

This Blog post is all about Automating your pricing on Amazon.


If you are a Seller on Amazon you will have the option to Automate Your Pricing on the products you sell. If you are not using Automated Pricing on Amazon at the moment then as a seller you will have to keep checking your product every time you want to change the price.


Amazon allows you to ‘create a pricing rule’-you then select the products you want the rule to apply to. You can also set a minimum and maximum price for each product.


Why Use Automated Pricing?

You may be thinking ‘why would I need to do this?’  Well, depending on the product you are selling, you may be in a price war with competitors who are willing to sell the product at a lower price to increase their chances of grabbing the sale. It can be rather time consuming, constantly keeping an eye on the price of your products, so Amazon’s Automated Pricing allows you to concentrate on other things… like the Marketing of your product!


What type of Rules do I set?

You may choose to set a rule to always be one penny below the lowest price or perhaps you always want to make sure you match the price of the other seller, selling your item.
This is a great little tool Amazon has to offer Sellers, however, it’s important that you have a pricing plan in place and not to make any rash decisions just to increase the chances of winning the sale.


There is so much to Amazon Selling and Pricing is just a small part of the whole process. We run one day 1-2-1 Amazon Training Courses to take you through this intensive process step by step and give you the skills you need to take your Amazon Sales to the next level. Get in touch with me for more information.

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