How do I sell more on Amazon?

OK, so for the past few years we have been showing Business Owners and Managers how to get set up and started on Amazon but what about those of you who are already selling on Amazon?


Well my first point of call would be to review, review, review!


‘I’m doing OK on Amazon, but think I could be doing better!’


That’s what some new clients say to us and the first thing we typically suggest is our Amazon Audit.


This would involve Shelton Associates undertaking a full review of your Amazon Seller Central account-We look at not only how you are performing now, but crucially also look at the potential of your products in your category on Amazon-and how this could be achieved!


We review your sales to date and compare these sales with your competitors or similar products. We would then also review the traffic to your listings and identify how this could be improved. We would review all of your listings and suggest any changes based on our own research. We would look at the Fulfilment side and see what opportunities lie there as well as review your current advertising campaigns. We fully review your advertising campaigns and see what could be done to get a better ROI (return on investment).


That’s not all though as we will repeat the process on all marketplaces and see if you are missing any opportunities in other countries!


We call this our Amazon Audit for Existing Amazon Sellers using Amazon Seller Central and find this to be a great starting point. You may feel after that you would like further training in a specific area or on-going Amazon Advice through our Marketing Advice Centre.



The Amazon Audit would cover the following 2 stages:


1. Amazon Review
• Review of Listings
• Sales Rank of Products
• Optimisation of the listings
• Keyword Analysis
• Sales Analysis
• Past Advertising Campaigns
• Customer Feedback
• Product Feedback
• Fulfilment channels used
• Review of European/other marketplace sales, reports and feedback
• Competitor Review
• Account Health
• Buy Box Percentage


2. Recommendations for Future Action
We would then make recommendations for future actions, considering the above findings and opportunities such as:
• A+ Content
• Branded Store Front
• Branded Advertising Campaigns
• Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)
• Seller Fulfilled Prime
• Sponsored Advertising
• Other Marketing Activities to direct traffic to their products


If you are an existing Amazon Seller then just get in touch and we will be happy to schedule a review and within just a few days we will hand you your full Amazon Audit.

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