Increase Your Brand Presence on Amazon

If you are thinking about selling your products on Amazon you can also increase the Brand Awareness of your Business.


If you are new to selling on Amazon, then you might not be aware, but when you add a listing to Amazon you can upload content such as images, product description etc. If you are a Manufacturer and a brand owner, however, Amazon have introduced a way to make your listing ‘come alive’ with images and branding! This is called A+ Content.


You can use the A+ Content Manager feature to add rich content to the product page that showcases your brand and informs customers in more detail about your product features. You create your own content using Amazon’s ‘modules’ and you can base the content around a specific Marketing Campaign or Season (Christmas for example!)


Not only can you create wonderful content to increase your brand presence on your product listings, you can create a customised Storefront for your brand to showcase your products in one place – making your Storefront a great place to show customers more of what you sell!


I work with Amazon on a daily basis, training Businesses on how to maximise sales, but with this great new feature I now help Brand Owners increase their Brand Awareness on this Global Brand, as well.


Amazon Training for Beginners and Professional Sellers

Contact me to learn more and book your face to face intensive Amazon training day which is tailored around your Business requirements. We also have our Marketing Advice Centre for additional Amazon Advice as and when you need us.

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