Marketing for Manufacturers

If you are a Manufacturing Business here are some cool tips for your Marketing.


We work with a number of Manufacturing companies across the UK which we find really interesting when it comes to Marketing, with some particular opportunities and challenges, so I have put together some Marketing Tips for Manufacturing Companies.


1. Sell your products on Amazon

If you are a manufacturer looking for a direct, trusted route to market all year round then Amazon is the place to be (depending of course on the type of product you are manufacturing). With the credibility and trust Amazon has earned, your products really should be on Amazon, if appropriate.. In fact, in some cases, it’s more than possible for Amazon to actually be your business! You can sell to individuals in the UK, Europe or across the world with this fabulous online selling tool and you can even send your products in bulk to Amazon so they do all the shipping for you. Do you want to sell your products on Amazon or are you already selling on Amazon but not getting the most out of it? Check out our Amazon Training page.


2. Establish a voice for your Business through Blogging

Blogging is a great way to build trust with customers and get your message out there to your target audience. If you don’t currently have a blog page on your website, then get one on there and start thinking of ideas for content which would be relevant to your customers. Blogging is a great way to establish a voice for your Business and to build a following. To learn more about Blogging For Business check out our Blogging Training page.


3. Sell your products on eBay

Another great online selling platform which is ideal for Manufacturing Businesses is eBay. It’s no longer just a place to get rid of your unwanted products for auction, it’s a professional platform for Businesses to sell their products directly to their customers at a fixed price. With proper research, optimisation and advertising eBay can become one of your top selling tools. For more information about professional eBay selling for Manufacturers visit our eBay Training page.


4. Generate Leads using LinkedIn

People do Business with People and People do business with People on LinkedIn . LinkedIn is a great B2B tool to get past any gate keepers and into the pockets of people you want to do business with. It might be that you are looking for new customers or it might be that you want to reactivate old ones, whatever the case, we can show you how through our advanced LinkedIn Training for Manufacturers. Check out our LinkedIn Training page.


5. Receive ongoing Marketing Advice from Marketing Professionals

We work a lot with Manufacturing companies and sometimes we find that they don’t have a Marketing team and just need someone to talk to when it comes to Marketing and that’s why we developed our Marketing Advice Centre. We are experts in a whole range of strategic and digital marketing and the Marketing Advice Centre gives you the ability to contact us whenever you need help. The cost is just £247+vat a month. Join the Marketing Advice Centre today.

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