My tour of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Doncaster

Really enjoyed my tour of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


Although we work with Amazon daily, running Amazon Selling courses and providing consultancy support to clients, it was great to see the operation from the ‘inside’-and the building in Doncaster, South Yorkshire is certainly extremely impressive.


When I received my invitation to take a tour of the Amazon Fulfilment Centre I was delighted to accept and have a look around the LBA2 Centre in Doncaster. (If you’re not sure why it is called LBA2 well Amazon name their fulfilment Centres after the closest airport and at the time LBA1 was built Leeds/Bradford airport was the closest! It’s amazing what you find out…)


The first thing I noticed when driving into the car park was the sheer size of the place, huge would be an understatement! Along the outside are many, many ‘Fulfilment by Amazon’ trucks that despatch your Amazon Prime products! When entering the building I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful and one of the workers was telling me all about the great advantages of working for the global giant.


50% of Amazon’s products in the warehouse are not Amazon-owned products-they are products from Small and Medium-sized Businesses who store their goods with Amazon and Amazon take full control of fulfilling the items and the customer service.


After taking a tour of each step of the process from collection to testing to packaging to despatching I would say the one word to describe the place is efficient. Amazon has thought of everything when it comes to getting things right and the technology used is really very impressive and they are always trialing new methods to improve even further.


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