Why your Business should be using eBay even if you’re not selling products!

eBay is certainly no longer just a place to sell your second hand goods, it’s so much more than that for Business Owners and I’ve put together this blog post to explain why.


Why eBay?

eBay, like Amazon is a direct, trusted route to market for your products and it is certainly not just a place to sell second hand goods-there are many brands selling new items on eBay and there are also a lot of shoppers on eBay. In fact 14m people buy & sell on eBay every month in the UK alone so if you’re not making the most of this powerful online selling tool then you are missing out on a big opportunity to grow your Business.


Don’t rush and don’t give up – It can take time

It’s not quite as simple as listing your products and seeing the sales fly in, there are 10 million items up for sale on ebay.co.uk at any time, so the market is very competitive, but with the right research and the right budget you can really use eBay to its full potential.


Advertising Tools within eBay are superb

If set up correctly, the Advertising tools within eBay allow you to really maximise eBay sales. Your products can be seen ahead of the competition not only on eBay but on Google Ads!


You don’t have to be selling products to advertise your Business on eBay

That’s right, you can advertise your Business to millions of targeted customers on eBay and direct traffic to your website! Your Ads can be shown on eBay’s Homepage and on products related to your Business! This is where you can really maximise eBay to its full potential.


Learn more about eBay

To find out more about eBay for your Business just contact us or book a 1-2-1 eBay Training Day.

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