What does ‘Amazon’s Choice’ Mean?

When looking to buy something on Amazon, you will probably have seen ‘Amazon’s Choice’ when searching for products-but what is it and what does it actually mean?


The Amazon’s Choice label is black, white and orange and tends to stand out when doing a search for a product. Have a look at the example below for Amazon’s choice for ‘Gluten Free Gravy Granules’ on Amazon UK.

Amazon’s Choice is becoming increasingly important with tools such as Alexa when doing a voice search. Why? Because customers can set up Alexa Shopping. So, when customers are looking to order a new item through Alexa Shopping they might ask ‘Alexa; order some gluten free gravy granules’ Alexa will suggest ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for Gluten Free Gravy Granules.


So, what factors are considered in a product being described as Amazon’s Choice?

Well, If a product is ‘Amazon’s Choice’, then the product is frequently searched for and purchased by customers who searched for the same keyword or search term that you did.


If it’s a Prime product as well, then it means that the product is available with quick delivery-which is only good for the customer. These are both important factors to becoming an ‘Amazon’s Choice’ product.


If your product is ‘Amazon’s Choice’ for a certain keyword or phrase then you’re doing something right, if not, you will need to look at the areas above and see how you can increase sales and feedback on your product, whilst having a low return rate from customers.


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