How Do I Launch My New Product on Amazon?

Do you have a new product you’re looking to launch? There’s no better place than the global giant Amazon. My name is Alex Shelton, Amazon Trainer and Amazon Consultant and I’ve written this blog post to include some useful tips for your new launch.


Launching an Amazon Product with Alex Shelton

Become an Amazon Seller

First of all you need to become an Amazon Seller with your own platform to be able to launch your fantastic new product. There are a couple of different options when creating a new account and it’s important to consider the options-weighing up the pros and cons of each ‘type’ of account.


Barcode your Product

If your product does not have a barcode it is possible to ‘request a barcode exemption’, however, I would recommend ‘barcoding’ your product as in the long run it will be worthwhile! You never know how popular your product might become…


Amazon Fees

There are fees to selling on Amazon, they will charge you a ‘referral fee’ or ‘percentage charge’ on every sale you make and you need to be aware of this fee when it comes to pricing your product, after all you want to be making a profit at the end of all of this!


List your item with Amazon

Listing your item can be a very time-consuming task. In fact, let me rephrase that, listing your item should be a very time-consuming task. There is a lot to listing a new item, such as competitor research, keyword research and overall optimisation of your product listing. Take your time with this, look at your competitors, think about the price they are selling at, look at reviews of their products, what keywords does the product appear for in an Amazon Search? Lots to consider here and we go through all of these points in detail on our 1-2-1 Amazon Training Day.


Consider FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)

FBA is a big part of the process, if it makes sense to you and your Business. You do have the option to fulfil orders yourself, however, I’m sure you will have seen the ‘Prime’ logo on certain products on Amazon and one way you can make your products ‘Prime’ is by using Fulfilment by Amazon. Fulfilment by Amazon basically means you send your products to Amazon’s warehouse, they distribute the orders to the buyers and they also handle the customer service side!

Advertise Your Product

It’s not always as simple as listing your item, sending it to Amazon and watching the sales role in, especially if you’re launching a new product nobody has heard of yet. So, it is important you do your own Marketing and Advertising. You can advertise your product on Amazon but you can also use other Marketing Platforms such as social media advertising to create awareness and drive traffic to your new listing.



Launch your product on other Amazon Platforms – Exporting

With a new client I would usually recommend launching the product on to learn the process and when sales start to increase and our products start to rank higher we can then think about launching the product on Amazon’s other Marketplaces, these include (Germany) (France) (Italy) (Spain) (US) (Canada) (Japan)
The list goes on!


Work with us to launch your Amazon Business

You’ve got the product ready to launch, we have the skills to help launch your product on Amazon. As mentioned earlier we run a one day 1-2-1 Amazon Course which is tailored around you and your product, we go through everything above in detail and by the end of the day you should have your product launched on Amazon and all the skills needed to make your product a success. Sometimes our clients need us after the training day and we come and see you as and when you need us.

Find out more about our 1-2-1 Amazon Selling Training Day or just get in touch.

Let’s Bring Your Product to Market!

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