Amazon has now gone live in the Netherlands!

Amazon have expanded their European Marketplace and you can now sell your products to Amazon’s customers in the Netherlands.


Amazon has been available in the Netherlands for a few years, however, only as a vendor for e-books. That has all changed now as Dutch customers now have access to millions of products on this powerful and trusted platform.  With a population of over 17 million I can see Amazon growing very quickly in the Netherlands and this is a great opportunity for online sellers across Europe to sell their products to people living in the Netherlands. offers an opportunity to UK Sellers

Being an Amazon Seller does not restrict you to one country, you can sell your products on in Germany, in France, in Italy and in Spain.  With the introduction of in the Netherlands you can now reach a whole new country in just a few clicks!


The best thing about being an Amazon Seller is that Amazon can ship your products for you from their Warehouses.  Eligible customers will then receive free next day delivery on your products with their ‘Prime’ Membership.  So, the great news is that you don’t have to worry about shipping your products from the UK to the Netherlands because Amazon can handle that side for you if you want them to.


Are you already selling your products on Amazon?

It is worthwhile checking your account because there is a good chance your product listings are now live on  You now have a big opportunity to maximise your Amazon Sales in the Netherlands and now is the time to start promoting your products!


Focus on long term growth

Thousands of Dutch businesses have registered to start selling on Amazon today but in my experience it is very important to focus on long term growth and not immediate sales.  When working with a new client we always recommend creating an Amazon Growth Plan to really grow your online sales. This sets out what you want to achieve and how you are going to get there and crucially this also includes an Action plan to make sure everything gets implemented!


Interested in becoming an Amazon Seller?

We work with SMEs across the UK and some Global Brands as well, helping them with their Amazon Sales across Europe.  We can help you through our 1-2-1 Amazon Training Course. We come to you, we take you through the entire process and show you how to sell on Amazon successfully.  We also offer online remote Amazon training courses if required.

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