How to see your connection requests on Linkedin

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Linkedin is a very powerful Marketing tool for Business Owners/Managers like you.  When using Linkedin frequently you may occasionally forget who you have sent a connection request to.  You may not remember if they have already accepted your request or you may want to cancel a connection request. – This short blog will show you how to see your connection requests on Linkedin.


-Log in to your Linkedin Homepage

-Hover over the ‘Add connections’ icon at the top right of your Homepage (next to the small image of you)

-Click on ‘See all’

-Click on ‘Manage Invitations’

-Select ‘Sent Invitations’


Here you will see the people you have asked to connect but haven’t responded yet. To cancel a request just select the invitations you want to cancel and click on ‘Cancel Requests’ in the top right of the page.


Hope you find this blog useful and please share with your Friends and Work Colleagues…

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